Very Superstitious, Writing’s on the Wall…

Not sure if it is good form to revisit a topic after just writing about it when blogging, but I am going to.  A few posts back I wrote about my reality television viewing habits.  I realized yesterday that I forgot to mention one of my favorite shows, probably because it runs only for a few short weeks at the end of summer.

I love HBO’s Hard Knocks. The series offers a candid, behind the scenes peak at life in the NFL.   Specifically, what the players, coaches and their families go through during training camp and preseason.   I have always been a fan of HBO sports, Real Sports with Bryant Gumble is also must see TV for me.  As  was Inside the NFL when it was on HBO, don’t care for it at all now that Showtime has taken the reins.

Back to Hard Knocks, this past season focused on the Cincinnati Bengals, or the bungles as they have been called not so affectionately in the past.  The Bengals, who prior to this season have made it to the playoffs only once in the past decade, were a very appealing group to watch.  You might not be a fan of Chad Ochocinco, but his “child please” routine from Hard Knocks was funny.

In 2008, Hard Knocks followed the talent and personality laden Dallas Cowboys through training camp and not surprisingly, they weren’t as endearing.   Dallas did not do well the season that they were filmed. The Cowboys, if you remember, pretty much imploded.

I have watched the series the past three years and after thinking about all the off-field tragedies that have befallen the Bengal players and coaches this year, I wondered if there might be a Hard Knocks curse, something akin to the Sports Illustrated curse or the Madden cover jinx.  Sure enough, I am not the only person who has wondered about this.  I found several blog entries on this topic.  Here’s a good look at some of the misfortune that teams who have appeared on the show have endured.

Not sure I believe in jinxes, curses or hexes.  I don’t think life works that way.  Having said that, I am still a bit superstitious when it comes to watching my teams.  If I wore one UGA shirt and the team won, I’ll wear it again the next time they play. When the game begins, I will shift (or literally not move) my position, depending on how things are going.   And once, under very extreme circumstances during the 2007 UGA game against Alabama, my entire family “laid hands” on our bulldog while Brandon Coutu attempted what would have been a game winning field goal.   Didn’t work, though the Bulldogs did eventually win. We haven’t tried that one since.

What is the craziest thing you have done in the name of superstition?


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  1. Clearly, your Bulldog was not named REX; the outcome may have been different.

    My high school football team was undefeated for 11 games my senior year (lost the 12th). At the time, baseball helmets were trendy for young guys. I wore by Blue Devil baseball helmet the entire football season even though it was a little bit over the top after a while.

    • HA! It is quite ridiculous really. Once, I spent a large portion of the fourth quarter of the UGA/UT game hunched (yes, hunched) over the counter in our kitchen because we were mounting a last minute comeback drive–pretty sure it was the Hobnail Boot game. I could barely see the television and I told my sweet daughter, who came into the room to talk to me, to exit immediately lest she mess with my mojo!

  2. During the Tennessee game of 1998 my brother and I both wore Champ Bailey jerseys, unplanned. Georgia was the favorite to win coming off the big win in Baton Rouge. Tennessee clobbered us. We had a ceremony the next day to burn the jerseys.

    Prior to the 2000 game, we decided to abandon Jack Daniels, a Tennessee product, and brought along Jim Beam. The result was Georgia’s first win over the Volunteers in many years. The goal posts came down.

    To this day, I don’t touch Jack Daniels.

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