Separated at Birth, a New Twist!

I enjoy a good “separated at birth” comparison as much as anyone, but think most of the best ones have already been made.   Having said that, and clearly having too much time on my hands, I decided to tweak the genre a bit.  Introducing: Separated at Birth and by a Few Years/Decades–the Sports Edition!

Lane Kiffin  head football coach UT Gene Chizik head football coach Auburn

Kiffin, meet yourself in 14 years.

Ruffin McNeill, interim head coach TTU          Charles Robinson, actor

13 years and a different career path are about all that separate these two.

WTA pro Elena Dimentieva                Ann Coulter (professional mudslinger)

Mix two decades and a lot of bitterness and voila! This is how Dimentieva could look.

HRH Prince William                         First baseman, Mark Texeira

These two are only a couple of years apart but the resemblance is too strong not to post.

DGD Joe Cox, UGA QB               Bobby Petrino (Judas) head football coach Arkansas

I feel genuine remorse about making this comparison.  I have to be true to my art though, so…

And finally, a cautionary example.  These two don’t really look alike but if Shaun White even considers  plastic surgery, this image alone should convince him not to do it.

Shaun White, snowboarder             Carrot Top–?

How’d I do?  Who would you add?


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