Favorite Things–My Life Made Easier

I am not one of those bloggers who gets free things sent to them.  I think you have to stick to one subject and write about it for at least a year for that to happen, and that’s not how I roll, which in all honesty is just fine with me.  Regardless, as I shared in an earlier post, I do like to spread the word about things that I love and today, I am focusing on a few things that make my life easier around the house.

This is Annie.

We love and adore Annie.  Her big messes, not so much.  Annie has a shedding issue.  She has an eye-booger issue too, but that comes into play later in this post.

Dyson Animal Vacuum D17 model

The Dyson Animal is the only reason Annie still resides in our home.  Well, that and the fact we are absolutely nuts about her and couldn’t imagine life without her in it.  This vacuum works!!!  It is disgusting and yet strangely fascinating to see just how well it works.  I had no idea until we started using the Dyson Animal how much dander, dirt and hair animals (kids and husband included here) could drop in a day.   Works really well on hardwood and slate/tile floors too.

Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Cleaner

I am not a germaphobe but I do like my environment to be clean.  Those of you who know me, are nodding right now.  Now you are nodding emphatically.  Now you are laughing and thinking that I might actually be OCD.  You can stop now.  Seriously.  I really like this cleaner.  And let me tell you, I’ve tried several all-purpose cleaners and have found few that work as well as this latest introduction from Clorox.  Our kitchen counters have never been easier to clean and they are absolute black granite which in hindsight was not a great choice.  Black is actually not forgiving when it comes to kitchen dirt–who’d of thunk it?  The only surface this cleaner does not seem to work well on is mirrored.

Glad ForceFlex Garbage Bags

As much as I’d like to, I cannot wax poetic about garbage bags.  We like these because they streeeeeeeetch.  Seems a few people in my family enjoy seeing how much trash can be stuffed into the garbage cans and these bags from Glad accommodate nicely. They are strong too.

Look who’s back!  Annie, this time as a puppy with her toy

No way I wasn’t going to return to the subject of  eye-boogers.  Annie, all bulldogs for that matter, has a special talent–she shoots eye-boogers with the greatest of ease.  If only we could get her to do it on command, she’d make Letterman’s stupid pet tricks for sure!  Surprisingly, Annie’s eye-boogers which start out wet and loose in consistency when first deposited on walls, cabinets and the floor, dry very quickly.  And unless you catch her in the act–which involves rapid and repeated shaking of her head–of shooting said eye-boogers there is little chance of wiping them up with something as benign as a garden variety paper towel. This is why my next product recommendation is so valuable.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I cannot say enough about this invention, though I do wonder what is in it that makes it work so well, and on so many surfaces. Not only does the Magic Eraser clean eye-boogers up in one swipe, it will also remove almost any type of dirt off of my white walls. And, I just discovered that it will also eradicate the dirt that my palms, no matter how clean my hands are, seem to regularly deposit on my white MacBook laptop.  That is no small thing, I had tried everything imaginable to clean my keyboard and this was the only product that worked! Here’s the caveat, do not get the eraser too wet.  All bets are off if you do.  I have found that it works best when just barely dampened.

There you have it, some household cleaning supplies that I swear by.  How about you?  Any products you can’t live without.


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  1. Hey lady, now you are onto a subject after my own heart. I have turned into quite a cleaner; with 2 dogs and 2 cats, it is a complete necessity. I am getting a Dyson Animal in my next life or when my current vacuum dies. No one in my house has as much hair as I vacuum up! Where does it come from?

    Love the magic eraser! I wish they made those things in wipes – please someone invent them, just little thicker than baby wipes, like a really thick paper towel. I would use them for everything, but the blocks tear up, and I run out. A quick note – don’t use them on stainless steel (sinks) or painted furniture.

    For my granite counter tops, I clean them with warm water and then spray them with rubbing alcohol. I keep the spray bottle (a pretty one) on my counter and it just makes the granite shine, shine, shine! Also, it kills germs.

    Windex is also my friend for all of my tile.

    • Oh Kristi, trust me, don’t wait for your next life to get the Dyson! It is worth every cent!!! Though I probably spend more time vacuuming now than I should because I know no matter how the carpet or floor looks, there is always dirt to be had! Okay, sounding crazy now, better stop. 😉

  2. I use all of those things! Love my Dyson! The secret to getting stuff sent to you is to ask-they’ll usually say yes. I don’t ask because that’s just not how I roll. I have been contacted recently though 🙂

  3. someday we will splurge on a dyson! in the meantime, i LOVE me some mr. clean magic scrubber thingies. they really are magic! another favorite: method pink grapefruit liquid soap. we buy the refills and put it in every soap container in our house and the smell is a little slice of heaven.

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