Simple Minds

I find it interesting how my mind can, and does, wander.  Often when this happens, I start one place and wind up in a much different place.  And sometimes, I will go down one path and stay there. For example, this morning, I was thinking about one of my favorite bands, the Waterboys. This led to my humming one of  my favorite songs by them:  A Girl Called Johnny. Before I knew it, Johnny Cash’s song, A Boy Named Sue was running through my head.  Androgynous, By the Replacements popped in next.  And because I am a nerd, a nerd who writes a blog, I then started wondering how many other songs I could come up with that worked with this theme.  That’s when my brain stopped working.

Can you add to my list?


9 responses

    • @David Two good ones!
      @Hilahil Okay, I am counting on you! I know you will come up with something good! 😉
      @Mike I am very impressed by your variety, but I think you have to explain the context, you’ve gone over my head. 😉
      @Tommy Almost anything by Bowie would seem to apply–just because he’s singing. 😉

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