Favorite Things–TV!

I’ve admitted that I watch some really bad TV.  I also watch some shows, that while maybe not Emmy Award winning, are pretty darn good.  Here’s my current favorite of the bunch:

1.  Real Sports With Bryant Gumble.  I mentioned this show in an earlier post.  For someone who is passionate about sports, loves documentaries and possesses a journalism degree, this series is as close to perfect as TV gets.   While I enjoy all of the correspondents, I think the reporting done by Mary Carillo and Frank Deford is particularly good.  If you have HBO, I strongly recommend checking this series out.  A new episode airs tomorrow night.

2. The Antiques Roadshow.  As the owner of a modern furniture showroom you might be surprised to learn that this is one of my favorites shows.  Regardless of what I sell, I also own and appreciate  antiques.  I watch this show, however, purely for the history lesson.  I really enjoy hearing the stories behind each of the pieces they profile and love it when the unsuspecting owner is told that their grandma Betty’s planter, the one that for the past 20 years has been home to a mound of dirt and a twig,  is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The Roadshow is coming to San Diego in June and I have already submitted my name to the ticket lottery. Fingers crossed I’ll get to go.

3.  The First 48.  I absolutely abhor violence, can’t stand to watch it, read about it, hear about it, etc.. I don’t even  like the made up stuff and rarely will watch murder mysteries, or shows in which violence is a major and recurring part of the plot.  As a matter of fact, I never watched one episode of the Sopranos for this very reason.  Yet I absolutely love this show. Love. It.  Given the above, I really can’t explain why.  I just do.

4.  The Soup.  I have admitted to watching reality TV (several times now) and as much as I love my trash, I love a show that makes fun of it even more!  My entire family loves the Soup.  It is one of maybe two or three shows we all enjoy and happily (as in without griping first) watch together.  Think Joel McHale would be honored to know that my family makes watching him make fun of others a priority on Friday night?

5.  The Graham Norton Show.  You have to have access to BBC America to watch this highly entertaining talk show.  If you do, and you haven’t yet checked it out, I highly suggest you do!  Graham Norton is hilarious.  It is hard to describe this talk show and do it justice.  The format isn’t terribly dissimilar from others in the genre but Norton and the unique way he interacts with both his guests (usually two) and audience members makes this a stand out!  My only complaint is that they don’t produce new episodes as often as I’d like.  *Warning–This video contains adult language and content.

What are some of your favorite TV shows?


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  1. Other than certain sports, I only have two “Must See” shows. Entourage and Californication. I guess I will also throw East Bound and Down in there too. The long wait between seasons is a killer.

    When I am flipping channels, I almost always stop on whatever is on Discover, whether it is Shark Week, Mythbusters or some sort of junkyard robot battles. I get sucked in.

    Still, I spend more time looking at my laptop and reading Tweets from LaJollaJennifer than I do watching TV.

    • I too used to watch Entourage regularly but find the Ari character in particular a bit much to take now. Never heard of East Bound or Down, are those shows on HBO as well? My husband and son love Mythbusters. In the past, I did watch a Shark Week or two but now I live much too close to the ocean to want to see any of that.

      Clearly you spend your time away from TV wisely!!! 😉 Either that or you’ve seen one too many of the junkyard robot battles and you’ve lost your mind!

  2. On our Queue:

    Friday Night Lights (I’m addicted)
    The Wire
    Dead Like Me

    On our Tivo:

    How I Met Your Mother
    The Office
    So You Think You Can Dance
    American Idol
    60 Minutes

    We love Survivor-it’s a guilty pleasure-as is American Idol. SYTYCD is just a pleasure-I’m not guilty about that at all-it’s awesome.

    • So glad you brought up Friday Night Lights! I went to college with Kyle Chandler (yes, he was every bit as cute back in the day). Are you watching on DirecTV? I am worried for this show! Seems to me that they are about to jump the shark! What do you think? I can’t watch Dexter because of the violence, but my husband loves that show. I do like the Office. And I loved the Ricky Gervais’ HBO series Extras, not on the air any longer but that was a good one!

  3. I am with HDH, Californication is a must see. I have grown a little cold on Entourage but enjoy it. I also like Big Love, Crash, and Weeds.

    I miss Deadwood. I loved that show.
    Band of Brothers was an appointment setter.

    I am also big on a couple of History Channel series; How the Earth was created, and Life after People.

    I still don’t miss SNL, although I usually just Tivo it. It is slumping now, but I am a fan. BTW, The Soup is a much better lead in to SNL than the local news!

  4. I LOVE Graham Norton. I lived in London for 2 years and was wondering when he’d make it to the US (other than on BBC America). My husband makes me watch the First 48 too. It’s interesting but depressing.

    I hate to say that most of the stuff on our DVR now is from Nickelodeon. Sigh.

    My only appointment TV is American Idol. I’m not sure how to defend that.

    • Now I know who to go to for restaurant recommendations before we go to London in March! 😉 I think Graham Norton is hilarious. These shows are not listed in any particular order, guess I should have said that in the body of the post. If they were, Graham Norton would definitely be top three. The First 48 can definitely be depressing but there is something about it (again, not sure what) that makes it extremely appealing to me!

      I am at a point now where I will fondly remind my kids of the shows we used to watch together–Franklin, Reading Rainbow, Barney and Magic School Bus. One day you too will look back at Dora with a smile! Now we all watch the Soup! See, it gets better, or worse–depending on your perspective!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  5. 1) The Price is Right (CBS): C’mon down!! It’s a favorite that has travelled well into my fourth decade. Bob Barker was a legend, and Drew Carey is making it his own, too. I always find myself hoping that EVERYONE wins EVERY game. Don’t forget to get your pets spayed and neutered, too.

    2) Good Eats (Food Network): With Alton Brown (UGA Alum, Holla!) deconstructing how to make the perfect brownie from a scientific point of view or tracing the anthropological history of pot pies, you entertain two parts of my brain: the gastronome (pig) and the nerd.

    3) Intervention/Hoarders (A&E): I’m not a big fan of most “reality” shows, but these two are riveting, mostly because they manage to explore the history that led to this point. As a nurse, I always want to know why and how did this person get so sick? Because before that person can get well (and that is also integral to the show-getting the person help) they must identify how and why the disease/disorder took hold. It can be stark, frightening, but is usually very life-affirming. More tears than Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

    4) Burn Notice (USA): Ahh, I look forward to Thursday nights for this very reason. I started on twitter because of Burn Notice. The writing is tight, witty, dark, funny. Actors (from the regular cast to recurring characters to guest stars) are stellar. The spy gadgets and lore are a fave of mine; I admit it, I was a MacGyver fan in the 80s. And who doesn’t love a good explosion or two? But I think even Jenn might enjoy BN since it isn’t an overtly violent show. One of the early quotes was, “Guns make you stupid. Better to use duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.” Yes, Michael Westen would rather outsmart his opponent than shoot him, but he will shoot the bad guy if it comes to that.

    I’ve enjoyed reading about everyone else’s shows, too. I admit, I enjoy The Soup, Mythbusters, and HIMYM. Oh, and I think I may become addicted to Human Target; it sort of takes me back to my childhood in a “Six Million Dollar Man” sort of way.

    Thanks for listening!

    • Great reviews!! You should write a blog Melissa!

      Can’t say anything about the Price is Right, haven’t watched in decades.

      I actually knew Alton Brown at UGA. You are a fan so I’ll keep the rest to myself. 😉

      I’ve watched and enjoyed Intervention. Watched one episode about an alcoholic interior designer from South Carolina with my entire family. Wanted my kids to see what that looked like and how not every drunk is stereotypically “scary.” Good show, though I wonder how there are still people out there who believe the “filming a documentary on addiction” story.

      My son LOVES Burn Notice. I used to watch Monk with him, but never Burn Notice, have to give it a try.

      Thanks for your comment!!

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