Flashback~Forget About it–Friday

The conversation that resulted from my post about MTV’s early days inspired me to create a new feature for the blog: Flashback~Forget About it–Friday.

As you probably have guessed by now, I enjoy reminiscing. It is fun to look back, dissect and reflect on trends and events from childhood.  Some of these topics I have deemed flashback worthy while others will fall into the should be forgotten category.

Flashback: LP’s, vinyl, records.  If you don’t know what I am referring to, as much as I’d love to have you reading my blog, you might be better served watching MTV.

First record I remember owning and playing over and over again:

Moods, Neil Diamond.  This album was released in 1972, when I was five.  I am fairly certain I did not buy it for myself, but I do remember playing Song, Sung Blue pretty much non-stop.  Think I might have had a crush on Neil back then.

What I still own today:

Sadly, I sold all of my records years ago, the exception being the 45 rpm of Rock Lobster/52 Girls by the B’52’s.  I bought this in 1978 from my local record store (Back Alley Disc) and I must say it is still in pristine condition.  Probably because I have no way of playing it! At the time of purchase, I had no idea that I would wind up attending college in the very city the B’52’s got their start!

Do you remember the first record you owned? How about the first one you bought with your own money?  Do you still own vinyl?  If so, which albums did  you keep and why?

Forget About it:  Movies I never should have watched.

The movie Magic, released in 1978, featured Anthony Hopkins, Burgess Meredith, Ann-Margaret and a really scary/disturbing puppet by the name of Corky; who, by the way, haunts me to this day!  Directed by Sir Richard Attenborough, Magic, which was rated R, was classified as a drama/suspense/horror film. And while special effects were obviously nothing like they are today, I still remember sitting in the theater and feeling absolutely terrified!  (*Spoiler alert*) The puppet is not nice!  It speaks rudely and kills people!!! Still not sure why my parents thought this was a good family movie… To this day, I attribute the fact that I watched both Jaws and Magic at the tender age of 11 for my inability to watch scary movies.

Are there any movies you saw when you were a child/teen that you’d now like to banish from your brain?  And have you ever walked out of a movie?  I think I might have played the switch theaters game when I was a teen but think that was more about being daring than actually hating what I was watching.


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    • Boy can I relate! I am only slightly less afraid now because I have pretty much committed myself, even though I can see the ocean from my house, to staying away from it. I subscribe to look but don’t touch! Also, and this is significant, I have sufficiently scared my children to the point that they stay really close to the shore. My husband is a certified diver, can’t do much to convert him, though I’ve tried! Thanks so much for your comment Stefanie!

  1. The first “record” I remember playing was some kiddie “I’ve been working on the railroad”. I think my affinity for “Glory” was born then.

    My parents were both big into music and had great collections spanning back to their high school days. Carole King’s “Tapestry” was constantly being played by my mother. Dad liked the Beach Boys, to this day I know all the words to most Beach Boys’ songs.

    First I ever bough was the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever. Still have it.

    In fact, I still have most of my albums and love to play them. To get an album out and place it on the turn-table requires a certain level of commitment to the music experience. The fact that the albums are irreplaceable also adds value to the experience.

    As for the parents ill-advised movie decisions, the first R-rated movie I remember them taking me to was “Fort Apache the Bronx”. Seeing what I was seeing was an experience, sitting next to my parents was a nightmare.

    • My parents had the same taste in music. Throw in a little Janis Joplin and the Beatles and you’ve about summed up the soundtrack of my early years. My dad was always open to listening to new stuff though, he wound up really getting into a lot of the music I played while a DJ at WUOG, including Husker Du. Always thought it was very cool that he did not limit himself that way.

      *Sigh* I am envious that you still have most of your albums! You summed up the experience of playing them very well.

  2. I LOVE to flashback and reminisce, love it. Many of my blog posts are memoirs of special times in my life.
    Rock Lobster was one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONGS EVER! I vividly remember seeing them perform that song on Saturday Night Live one night during a slumber party. I stlll have no idea what that song is about!
    ANd yes, I most cetainly have walked out a few movies. Serendipity with John Cusak and Chasing Amy.

  3. We are the same age, because I intimately know the Moods album and performed “shows” (I use the term loosely) to it in my living room. Also to Marie Osmond’s “Paper Roses.”

    I was very cool in a lame way.

    And…ROCK LOBSTER! Ah, the memories.

    Also…MAGIC! Good God, I secretly love that movie.

    My movie of yore includes “Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway,”which made me afraid of going to high school. I thought everyone would be drug addicts.

    • Too funny! Did you have a crush on Neil like I did? Or was your connection purely artistic? 😉

      You loved Magic?!! Wow, hardcore, I am sooooooo in awe! Carrie frightened me, the way Dawn got to you. Do you remember Salem’s Lot? Scared the you-know-what out of me and it was a made-for-TV movie and stared Fred Willard from That’s Incredible ! Thanks for the comment San Diego Momma!

  4. i walked out of “The Gods Must Be Crazy”. at the time i just didn’t get it. i got thrown out of “About Last Night”. we stupidly picked a sold out showing to sneak into. my first LP was “Beauty and the Beat” by the Go-Go’s. don’t own any vinyl anymore but still have a lot of cassettes.

    love your blog for bringing back lots of memories. hope you don’t mind if i link to it from mine and thank God the bang shelf and spiral perms have never come back!

    • I saw the Gods Must Be Crazy when I was in college. I remember that my then boyfriend (he’s now my husband) loved that movie. I don’t remember much of it beyond the opening scene.

      Thanks for reading and commenting wannabescarlett! I would be honored to have you link my blog to yours.

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