I am Not Cynical, Just Prone to the Occasional Snark

Back in January I wrote a post about Generation X.  One of the things I have learned since that time is that Gen-X is apparently synonymous with cynical.  Prone to snark I get, cynical, I have to say I don’t agree.  Which brings me to the recent rash of accidents featuring out of control Toyota Priuses.  Nice segue huh?

You see, I am the only one in my family who does not think that these accidents are being faked.  My daughter (Gen Y) and my husband (Boomer) both believe that the drivers of the aforementioned Priuses are speeding and crashing all as part of a plan to earn money! My daughter, not quite as cynical as my husband, is open to the possibility that perhaps the two incidents that occurred most recently were indeed accidental.  But she is quick to point out that in the near future, Prius owners could adopt a pedal to the metal approach that would eventually lead to a payday.  “Sue! Sue!” She chanted during a breakfast conversation about the Prius predicament.

My husband proudly points out that nothing was wrong with the older model Priuses a week ago. He is convinced that the “accidents” were deliberate. He views the poor guy from San Diego, the one who was driving the 2008 Prius that sped out of control on a local highway earlier this week, as an actor as talented as perhaps Al Pacino or Robert De Niro.

I, the cynical member of Generation X, believe that there is a serious problem with the vehicles. Besides, speeding and crashing Toyotas to make money lacks creativity. I have a much better idea, an experiment so to speak. How about we take a 2008 Prius and leave it with the keys in the ignition in a variety of neighborhoods. Everywhere from Beverly Hills to Compton. And then we make a film (under the cover of night of course) to document the experiment. If the Prius is not taken, we offer to sell Toyota the documentary. If the Prius is taken, we get it back and sell it as the “famous Prius” from the movie about leaving a Prius in different neighborhoods to see if it will be stolen. That’s the correct way to make money off of this. See, I am not cynical at all.

How about you? Do you believe there really is a problem with the Prius?


9 responses

    • Funny, a Toyota commercial is airing right as I type this!! Think they are major need of some good PR?!

      I believe the San Diego guy. The first CHP officer on the scene said he could smell the Prius’ breaks when he pulled along side of it. Though, I can see where my daughter is probably correct, there are people who I am sure would willingly (happily even?) crash and speed if they can make some money by doing so.

  1. It sounds to me like your husband and daughter are just good conversationalists. Consensus is boring. Debate is fun!

    Seriously, I thought Toyota was getting treated a little unfairly. Last weekend my daughter informed me of a great deal on a brand new Camry that would be just perfect for her to take to college. I immediately became “cynical” of Toyota.

    It is all a matter of perception.

    • They are that! We love to debate in my home!

      As time goes on, it is only getting more difficult to get a handle on the whole Toyota thing. I liked something Tommy F. wrote back when all of this first started. He said something about not wanting to be in front of any Toyotas on the highway. I think I’ll stick with that until I get more information.

      We own a Toyota by the way. A Sequoia, so far, so good.

  2. Let’s just say I wouldn’t be buying a Prius or any other Toyota and if I owned one, I would be taking out one BIG ASS life insurance policy before I drove it again.

  3. How can a “harmonious” car that makes flowers and clouds into singing people be harmful? Maybe the drivers are taking the same hallucinogens that the creators of that commercial were taking.

  4. Hmmm…..I know in Australia they’ve logged some genuine cases; I’m sure people ride the slipstream of genuine situations and cash in on it, but yes, I do believe Prius problems are reall….

    Then again, of course, it coulda just been the drugs…..


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