Flashback~Forget About it-Friday

As noted in the post I wrote about MTV’s reality show, Jersey Shore, I watched a lot of TV growing up. In the future, I will definitely document some of my favorite shows in this space. But today, I thought I’d focus on the commercials.

Flashback-Commercials I loved.

Shake and Bake. You’d think that given the fact I grew up in the South, the accents in this commercial would barely register with me. Nope! My peers and I would repeat the phrase, “And we helped” (with exaggerated Southern accent) at the drop of the hat.

Dr. Pepper. I had a huge crush on David Naughton when I was younger. Remember his song Makin’ It? His role as David in An American Werewolf in London? I thought he was cute. And this is where it all started…

Hawaiin Punch. Violence on television! How did the censors ever let this pass? You have to admit this is so much better than the giant pitcher of Kool-Aid crashing through walls.

And now a few that fit into the Forget About it category.

Life Cereal. I am a younger sibling, so I feel a sense of solidarity here. What these two did to Mikey was not nice. Sure, make the little guy your food taster. Poison him, who cares, he hasn’t been a part of the family for that long, he won’t be missed. Bullies! Thankfully, Mikey got the last laugh. Fisher Price toy promo at the end is a nice touch–no?

Wendy’s. Okay, okay, I get it. A little old lady repeatedly shouting, “Where’s the Beef” is cutting edge advertising. I just didn’t find it funny. Memorable, yes. Annoying, definitely.

And finally, Winston Cigarettes. Full disclosure, I have no memory of this commercial. Just thought I’d post it because I found it appalling, though mildly amusing because of how appalling it is. Check out Fred and Barney’s sexist comment in the opening seconds. They really were cavemen!

Your turn. Which commercials from your youth have been permanently seared into your brain?


One response

  1. LOL, “Making It” was also a short lived sit-com, very short.

    How about the Ford Grenada commercial where they compared it to a Mercedes because the ride was so smooth you could cut diamonds in the back seat. SNL spoofed it by having a Mohel perform a circumcision in a moving Granada. Funny.

    I also like the old “Lite Beer from Miller” commercials, taste great, less filling.

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