I Know Who Snooki is: Pt. 2

So when I read this morning that over the weekend Snooki from MTV’s Jersey Shore threw a drink at and then slapped a man in a Miami bar two thoughts immediately sprung to mind. First, she hasn’t learned a lot from this experience. And second, that Snooki and I have something in common.

I haven’t slapped a man, in a bar or otherwise, but when I was Snooki’s age, I threw a beer (might have been a margarita, can’t remember) in the face of a Florida Gator fan. And you know what? It felt really good. For about two seconds until he heaved his drink (definitely beer) back in mine. Pretty sure I then screamed something about him being a “big man” and trotted off with (or perhaps was pulled away by) my friends.

Why did I throw the drink? Don’t remember exact details but do remember the location, the date, and the occasion. Jacksonville, Florida, 1985, The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Otherwise known (for those of you who did not attend the University of Georgia) as the Georgia/Florida game. UGA won that game and maybe, just maybe I was celebrating that fact a little too loudly, with too much gusto perhaps. My sparring partner, otherwise know as the douche, was a bit of a sore loser and got in my face. He shouldn’t have done that. I apparently decided that he needed to be brushed back, and used my drink to do just that. Then he used his.

I was embarrassed by my behavior as soon as I sobered up. Though I still say that guy shouldn’t have picked a fight with me. Wasn’t a total loss though, I earned some street cred from my friends and more importantly, learned to watch what I say–or at least to whom I say it. Think I might have to tell my daughter this story. Can see her not watching what she says too, must have gotten that from my husband…

So there you have it, Snooki and I have something in common. Do you too, belong in our club?

In case you missed it, here’s a link to I Know Who Snooki is Pt. 1.


12 responses

  1. I don’t recall throwing a drink at anyone in college…but then there are lots of things I probably don’t recall!

    My gut tells me I would have been eirther too cheap or too poor to think of it.

  2. Could it be that Snookie is based on your character?

    JK! You’re too classy to get in that situation (pun intended, ha!) again;)

    Do chat with your daughter about what NOT do in these heated situations.

    Men and women are not as nice these days, and get way too carried away in confrontations… like Snookie getting punched by a low life on national TV. Ugh!

    • Naw, I am much taller than Snooki…

      I just realized that I was 18 when I this occurred. My frontal lobe was nowhere near fully formed. That’s my rationalization and I am sticking to it.

      To be honest, I was floored that the guy actually threw a drink back at me. In the 1980’s most men would have walked away–especially in the South. Of course he started the confrontation in the first place so I guess he was looking for a fight. Will definitely talk to both of my kids about this.

  3. I have never waisted alcohol in any manner. I am very proud of this.

    No doubt, that is the only bit of self-control I have consistently maintained when drinking heavily. Thus, I only allow myself to drink in public at football games. At least, by comparison, my drunken behavior is not too bad.

    Wish I had been there in ’85. I’d have gone Tim Worley on him! 😉

  4. I once chucked a cup of ice water at a guy in a Diary Queen. Classy, I know. And not the same thing at all. BUT he was pissing me off…and it did feel really good.

    I’ve always wanted to have someone severely anger me while I’m holding a beer. I’ve also always wanted to slap someone really hard across the face. Any volunteers??

    • Yeah, ice water at the Dairy Queen, while good, isn’t quite the same… I can see though that you have higher aspirations, and am thinking if you keep working on it, the dream of flinging a beer can become a reality. Remember, if you want something badly enough…;-)

      Thanks for the comment Chelsea!

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