Hey 19!

This past week, I posted this photo as my Flashback~Forget About it-Friday entry.

I did it in anticipation of today–my 19th wedding anniversary. Yes, that is me and my husband in 1991, the year we were wed.

I decided it might be fun to revisit some events from back then. First though, I thought I would share my favorite moment from 1991-excluding our wedding of course…

R. and I were married in Atlanta. We were living in New York’s West Village at the time of our wedding but decided to move back to Georgia after realizing (during our reception) just how much we missed living in the ATL. We had been in NY for just under a year and were fortunate that we had friends in the film business in Atlanta (we both used to work in that industry) who said they would employ us if we returned. So, we did.

One of the last things we did before leaving NY was head to Shea Stadium to attend a baseball game between the Mets (boo hiss) and the Braves. R. and I donned our Braves caps and cheered politely, quietly even, but we were still told to, “Shut up and sit down” and had peanuts thrown at us. This brings me to one of my favorite memories of all time. I’ve written about this before, so I’ll keep it brief–I promise.

Atlanta Braves go to the World Series for the first time and yes, I was there!

Love this photo for two reasons: first, Atlanta Fulton County Stadium–great memories of that place and second, check out the stone wash jeans!!!

Obviously a lot of events took place in 1991. Decided to include those that for one reason or another stuck with me. See which of these you too recall. Feel free to chime in about any and all.

January 16th– Iraq is attacked by UN forces signaling the start of a brief air and ground campaign which would be known as Operation Desert Storm. The entire conflict was over by the end of February. I remember CNN’s coverage of the first few days very well. Seeing military air attacks play out on TV (for the first time) is something you don’t easily forget.

March 3rd– An amateur videographer captures the beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police officers. While I definitely remember this, I remember the 1992 riots that took place after the police officers were acquitted of wrongdoing even more. Will never forget seeing truck driver Reginald Denny being pulled from the cab of his 18 wheeler. But I digress, that was 1992.

May 9th– Michael Landon appears on Tonight Show to talk about his pancreatic cancer. I really loved Little House on the Prairie when I was a kid. Also, enjoyed the occasional Bonanza repeat. Was very sad to learn that Michael Landon was terminally ill.

July 22nd– Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is arrested after the remains of 11 men and boys are found in his Milwaukee apartment. Sorry that I remember this. Horrible.

Jul 26th – Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) is arrested in Florida, for exposing himself at an adult movie theater. Loved Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and Pee Wee’s Playhouse was bummed that at the time, Paul Reubens apparently wanted to end his career.

Am assuming Paul’s hands were not in this position when he was–ahem–discovered in said theater.

September 24– Nirvana releases the song Smells Like Teen Spirit from the LP Nevermind and enjoys national success. I remember hearing Nirvana on Atlanta’s progressive (alternative?) station 99X. Was huge for me because it was the first new music I heard since leaving my radio station job (in 1989) that I absolutely LOVED.

Nov 7th – Magic Johnson announces he has HIV virus & retires from LA Lakers. Remember this as being a big wake up call for heterosexuals.

Dec 31st – USSR, last day of existence. Pretty big deal for someone my age. Yes, the Wall had already come down and the Cold War was basically all but over, but the breakup of the Soviet Union was still a big deal.

Just for giggles, here’s some economic information from 19 years ago:

Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 3168
Average Cost of new house $120,000.00
Average Income per year $29,430.00
Average Monthly Rent $495.00
Cost of a gallon of Gas $1.12

The most popular song(Everything I Do) I Do It for You, Bryan Adams
Highest grossing movieTerminator 2: Judgment Day

And finally, a favorite photo from 1991.

R. and my dad, in San Diego.


10 responses

  1. I was in college and I remember all of those incidents very well. The Rodney King incident was just crazy and I remember being so upset about Magic Johnson. Awesome that you were able to go to the World Series game. I went when the Pads went in ’98. You’re a sports fan too, love that about you. 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary pretty lady!!! I loved this post. I remember all of these things too but from the lens of a younger, not as “woah this is a big deal” perspective. It was awesome to see yours.

  3. I remember all of those events!

    Some were very close to home: I lived in LA during the riots. I still have pictures I took of all the damage around my home.
    Also…Jeffery Dahmer lived a few scant blocks from my off-campus college home during the time I lived there.

    Awesome post. I love, love, love these flashbacks.

    AND! Happy Anniversary. Your hair rocked in ’91, but I like it better now. XO!

    • Would love to chat with you about what it was like during the riots. Two of my close friends from college were in LA during that time too and I remember them saying they couldn’t leave their house after the sun went down. Or maybe even while it was up.

      How freaked out were you when you realized Dahmer lived down the street? On second thought, he wasn’t in to women, so probably not that freaked out…

      Thanks for the kind words sister. I too prefer my hair now. Though the spiral perm was pretty special back in the day. 😉

  4. My Son was born in 1990 and I remember 1991 well being a stay at home Mom and up late nursing and watching too much tv. Thanks for the flashback, great post. Fun seeing the early days as a couple. Happy Anniversary too!

  5. Happy Anniversary! OK. This is a little late, but better than never, right?

    I love your timeline. The Rodney King beating still makes my stomach turn. I remember it vividly!!

    BTW, love the stone wash jeans– but miss the high waist even more!

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