Flashback~Forget About it-Friday

It is rare that I am able to both Flashback and Forget About it on the same topic. Even rarer that said topic would involve a slightly edited version of a cartoon. The fact that I made reference to Jeffrey Dahmer in my post on Tuesday, probably played no role in my choosing this…

Flashback~Forget About itMy favorite episode of Ren & Stimpy–the condensed version.

I didn’t love every episode of Ren & Stimpy. Not even close. But the Rubber Nipple Salesmen had me both rolling on the floor with laughter–and cringing. Since the cartoon took me to both ends of the spectrum, I am going to deem it worthy of both remembering and forgetting. This episode originally aired in 1992. All these years later, my husband and I still find opportunity to utter, “Call the police.” That’s staying power.

Can you think of a movie, TV series, cartoon, etc., that made you laugh but also made you feel slightly (or very) uncomfortable? Pulp Fiction, for example, had me both laughing hysterically and covering my eyes in horror.


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  1. Laughing and making me feel uncomfortable at the same time is not so easily achieved, however there could be no other Sitcom on television that is a prime example of this premise than “The Office”. “Steve” Carell makes me crazy with the outlandish situtions his writers have him in and his responses [verbal or otherwise] to those situations, are at times mind boggling and other times flat out funny [it’s like a train wreck, you don’t want to watch but you still do]. So there you have it, the Office gets my vote for laughing out loud uncomfortable.

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