Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Do you believe in meant to be? Providence? Fate? I do. Which does not mean that if I decide to stand in the middle of a busy street and am hit by a car that I think it was meant to be. Quite the contrary. But I do believe that some events, interactions, introductions, etc., seem to be more than coincidental. The universe, in some instances, seems to be intervening.

For example, April 27th, as noted in this blog, was my 19th wedding anniversary. Eight years ago on this date, my husband and I gifted each other with an English Bulldog. We had wanted one for years and things worked out so that we were able to find the right dog for us in conjunction with our celebration. We named her Annie–short for anniversary. When Annie joined our family, we had another dog, Sid, but sadly he died four years ago. For the past two plus years we have really wanted to get a second dog–a Pug.

In an effort to move things along, my daughter recently started searching the Pug Rescue San Diego website. I’ve been hesitant to get a rescue dog, though I know it is absolutely the right thing to do. I worried about pre-existing health conditions, past abuse, behavioral problems. Annie already has a few health issues and I didn’t want to add to that, if I could help it. Seemed like a puppy was the way to go, but puppies are rarely available for adoption. Or so it seemed, until last Tuesday, our anniversary.

Tuesday morning my family was watching the local NBC station’s newscast. We were all eating breakfast when they began a story on the Pug Party, a fundraiser for, of all places, Pug Rescue San Diego. Our television screen was soon filled with images of Pugs. Lots of them! And they were wearing costumes and looked really cute, one was dressed as French maid, another one as a member of royalty…but I digress. Two of the Pugs shown were available for adoption, and one of those was Basil, a puppy. I ran (yes, it was early, but I had some coffee in me) to my computer and filled out an application to adopt. My husband, who is pretty practical and not one to invoke fate, said, “This might be meant to be.”

Throughout my life things have happened that I am convinced were more than coincidental. I wound up attending the University of Georgia because I ran into one my hometown’s local TV sportscasters at a record store. My 14 or 15-year-old self (I had decided at this point I wanted a career in sports reporting) walked up to him and asked, “Where did you attend college?” His answer, “The Henry Grady School of Journalism at the University of Georgia.” That’s all I needed to hear. I went to my high school guidance counselor’s office (I was only a sophomore, not really supposed to be thinking about this yet) did some research and was sold–sight unseen. I never visited UGA before my freshman orientation. And I only applied to one other college–as a back up. Turns out this was one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made. Everything from career to spouse was determined because I chose to attend Georgia–and it all happened because I was in a record store at what in hindsight, appears to have been exactly the right moment.

Back to Basil. His name is Henry now. He spent last night sleeping in my son’s bed, though I am pretty sure we have a rule against that. After less than eight hours in his company, I am positive Henry was meant to be a member of our family.

Do you think that most of what happens in life is random, or do you believe in that some things occur because in some way, they were preordained?


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  1. Congratulations on Henry! I have my own “meant to be” story about a pet…whose name happened to be Henry. Back when I was in Athens…I decided if I ever had a little boy I would name him Henry. Loved the name. Loved the nickname “Hank”, too. Such a GUY name, Hank. But I was also VERY independent at this stage in my life (22-24 yrs old) and telling everyone that I would NEVER have children. Didn’t want to be tied down (I know, I sooo regret those words now!). So I never told anyone about this. No one.

    Flash forward about five or six years. My sister finds a kitten, born to one of the “island cats” (the feral cats that live on St. George Island where our family had a house). The kitten has been abandoned by his mother and needs a home. My sister already has one cat and doesn’t want a second one, so she offers him to me.

    “Melissa, don’t you want a little kitten? I’ve already taken him to the vet for his shots. I’ve given him a bath. (My sister is a bit of a clean freak…yes, she bathes cats!) He’s a sweet little tabby.”

    “Karen, I love you. You KNOW I’m allergic to cats. I can’t have him”

    “But Melissa, he needs a home. He’s so sweet. I’ve named him Henry. (My sister never names animals the usual names like Spot, Fluffy, or such. Her cats have been Wilson, Mary Alice. She had a rabbit named Fred.) No, there are no relatives or family friends with that name. She just picked it out of the air. She named the cat the name I wanted to give a son. I had never told her. Or anyone. Dadgumit, I couldn’t leave the cat to his own devices. He had to come live with me.

    It was meant to be. Me, with my allergies (puffy eyes, runny nose). I hope your Henry brings you as much joy (without the allergies of course) as mine brought me! Yours might even be cuter! 😉

  2. Thoroughly enjoying your blog…and stumbled across this wonderful posting. Many years ago I took a wrong turn while driving and stopped to ask for directions. The lovely woman who helped me was raising a puppy for a non-profit organization that provides Assistance Dogs for people with disabilities. She shared her experiences with me while I was fawning over her 10 week old Labrador pup in training. And for the last 17 years I have been working for that same non-profit. Random? I don’t think so!

    Thanks for the wonderful post…and for giving Henry such a loving home! He is adorable!

    Jacqueline (Petalsweet Cakes)

    P.S. I do the cake and sugar flower thing when I’m not training dogs!! : )

    • Thanks for your kind comments Jacqueline! I appreciate you taking the time to check out the blog.

      Love your story–thank you so much for sharing it. Clearly, you were meant to get lost. It is wonderful that you have dedicated so many years to such a worthwhile cause. And so cool that you know how to train dogs for such important work!

      Henry has brought us a tremendous amount of joy. I cannot imagine that someone willingly let him go. I pinch myself when I think of how “lucky” we were to find him and he us. 😉

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