Hockey on the Bay

Last night, I did something for the first time. I went on a cruise of the San Diego Bay. I’ve lived in San Diego for almost six years, which means that I probably should have done this a long time ago. Technically, this isn’t the first time I’ve taken a trip around the bay. Ten years ago, as a tourist with my family, I went on an educational tour. This trip offered an education of a completely different variety. I was with friends, at sunset, wine in hand, watching a band play. The band, Hockey, out of Portland Oregon, was great. They put on a solid and fun hour plus long set. And much to my surprise, the sound onboard the ship was great. And the setting could not have been better.

If you have yet to hear any of Hockey’s music, my guess is that you will. They seem to have the “it” factor, or at least that’s what the people in my group thought.

If you are visiting San Diego in the summer or live here (if you, like me, are one of three people never to have done this) I highly recommend checking out a Hornblower cruise. I went as part of the KPRI Private Listener Series. Sign up here to get your chance to do the same.

What is your favorite venue for seeing bands?


4 responses

  1. That sounds divine. The wine in hand part especially. I love seeing bands at the Belly Up. It’s so close and intimate. I’ve seen G Love and Special Sauce, Eykah Badu & Spearhead, all from just a few feet away. Loved it! Haven’t heard Hockey, will def check them out.

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