Always the Sun…

No one warns you about ‘May Gray’ or ‘June Gloom‘ before you move to San Diego. No one. For years, I listened to my grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousins and then later, my own mother, go on and on about, “72 degrees and sunny.” Well, I am here to tell those of you who do not live in San Diego, it is not always 72 degrees and sunny. Especially not in May and June–on the coast. The other 10 months? Might not always be 72, but the sun is usually out.

You’d think after six years I’d be used to this. Not so. Pretty sure I repress the May Gray, June Gloom memory every year–must be a survival mechanism. As a result, it sneaks up on me, but not gradually. One day it is sunny, the next day: fog, drizzle and thick marine layer. I. Need. Sun.

I am nothing if not proactive, so, I am creating this post as tribute to Ra, the sun god. After three days without seeing the sun (that’s how it feels, even if not 100 percent accurate) I’ll try anything. If this doesn’t work, I guess I’ll join everyone else and pretend it is 72 and sunny. Or, I’ll buy a special lamp and burn my face.


10 responses

  1. Do not buy that special lamp.

    I am invoking the Femmes and Stranglers Gods by watching these vids again and again while offering alms.

    Tomorrow should be sunny.

    I also did a little bloodletting ceremony, so we should be good.

  2. Blister in the Sun brings back memories of rockin out in the car with my friends in high school. Still one of my fave songs ever. I like your name by the way 🙂

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