They Call Me the Breeze

Ever wish you had a theme song? Something similar to Hail to the Chief ? A song that is played right before you make an entrance. Or, it could be played right after you leave a room. Maybe it is more like a ringtone and it is only played when you are doing something specific—I’ll leave the details of what that something is up to you and your imagination.

I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about this (yes, I am special, we’ve established that already) and have decided I want my theme song to play when I am walking. And not just walking around my home, I want it played whether I am walking down the street, or in a mall. I want to hear it when I am going through the checkout line at the grocery store and when I am working my way through the queue at the DMV. If I am moving forward, I want my theme song to be audible. It can be paused for elevators, but I expect it to blare when I am climbing steps (I’ll need it then, for sure).

I am torn between two songs. Neither of these songs has been selected for lyrics per say, though I do find several lines apropos. No, I have picked my two songs because of the way they sound. I can visualize myself walking down the street to these songs. Visualization is key when it comes to selecting a theme song. Think I might walk a bit taller and with more bounce in my step if either of these tunes were my accompaniment. I don’t really care if other people can hear my songs, though I would like to be able to hear theirs. Imagine what we could learn about each other if we each had a theme song that played before we spoke one word.

Here are my two songs:

AC/DC for the weekends and:

Monday-Friday, you can Call Me the Breeze

Baseball players get special intro songs when they come to bat, or out of the bullpen, why not us regular folks? What would your theme song be? And when would you have it played?


5 responses

  1. Love this post! And I love the idea of a theme song. The first one that comes to my mind is an obvious choice, Proud Mary. It’s my karaoke song (one of them) but I also think it could be my theme song. Proud Mary keep on burnin’! xo

  2. I have three, depending on my mood.

    Personality Crisis – NY Dolls
    In One Ear – Cage the Elephant
    Just- Radiohead

    Medically and mentally the first one is a must. The other two just kick ass.

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