Flashback~Forget About it-Friday

One of the best things about Twitter is the amount of information that is shared in real time. Breaking news, sports updates, earthquake alerts, gossip, you name it and you can read it on Twitter. Last week, this blog scored a major find thanks to a tweet. David O’Brien, who writes for the Atlanta Journal Constitution (he is the Braves beat writer) tweeted a link that I imagine he thought was inconsequential, or fun for a quick laugh at best. For me, and the Flashback~Forget About it community, however, it was a veritable gold mine!

This is where I landed when I clicked on the link he tweeted:

Who doesn’t remember K-Tel album collections? There are a ton of the commercials for them on Youtube and trust me, they are fun to watch. But what is even better is that I was reminded of a song while watching this particular commercial, which led me to this:

No way you watched that video (check out the audience–you can see that they want to break loose, and the one woman at the very beginning almost does…) without smiling, and if you did, I have one word for you: Scrooge!

Did you ever buy an album from K-tel? And if so, do you remember which one? I can’t say I did, though I do own Have a Nice Decade–The 70’s Pop Culture Box from Rhino. Don’t think that counts though, it was purchased in the ’90’s and on CD.


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  1. My parents had a substantial K-tel collection on 8-Track. (Lest I tarnish their memory too much, they also had a really fantastic and eclectic music library on vinyl, too).

    This also made me think of something else. Remember how on most of the commercials they always had the on-screen scroll with the song title, with the band name under it? We always played a game in my house, where we had to be the first to yell out the name of the band before their identity flashed up in a split second. I always credit this with not only creating a worthless mental folder of trivia, but also with developing pattern recognition and memory skills. So….thank you, cheesy K-Tel hits of the 70s!

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