Flashback~Forget About it-Friday

I want to go Soul Train line dancing. I really do. I won’t be good at it, but I am pretty sure that’s not a requirement for having a successful night. I recently shared this desire with a group of my friends. Thankfully, all but one of the women knew what I was talking about. Would have had to seriously consider who I was hanging out with if they didn’t. I am wondering though if it is because I was raised in the South that I have a deep and abiding love and appreciation for soul, funk, R&B and Don Cornelius?

Check this video out and tell me what you think. It looks like fun, right? Or, if you don’t agree, (cough-buzzkill-cough), feel free to say that as well. As extra incentive, I will award a special *prize to the first person who spots and names the quasi-celebrity who appears in this clip. You get an even bigger **prize if you can name what this person was known for.

*effusive praise
**lots of way-to-gos

Want to add that I am aware that Don Cornelius was arrested for spousal abuse in 2008, needless to say, I don’t love that—I think it is horrible.


26 responses

  1. hi, Jennifer-
    I too have an appreciation for Soul Train-loved it more that American Bandstand because the dancers had more soul and groove in their dancing. watching that show during my growing up years inspired me to dance

  2. Love it,
    I know the trivia answer, but have already claimed a JfLJ prize.
    The original Soul Train animated graphics were outstanding and a bit ahead of their time…

    • We have a winner!!! Yes, it’s Fred “Rerun” Berry. And because you are the winner–and I promised noting short of effusive praise– I give you this:
      Congratulations Mike In Valdosta! You clearly know your late 1970’s TV trivia

    • He realized (after a few hours) it was Rerun, but since you immediately knew it was Rerun and made a hot weather reference–I’ll grant you second place, which means you get: Congratulations Bernie! You clearly know your late 1970’s TV trivia–better than Mike In Valdosta does.

  3. Mike should spend less time sweating atop his new tractor and more time brushing up on 70s pop culture. What a sore loser. I have no idea what he’s talking about when he says the Twitter.

    But thanks for my prizes Jennifer. I’m now going back to planet Ork and wear my leather jacket…Aaaayyyy! Stay cool!.

  4. Kinda random: My dad used to travel quite a bit back in the day, and wound up having drinks in the Delta Crown Room with Don Cornelius during a layover.

    I thought that was cool, but my mom was disappointed it wasn’t Barry Manilow.

    Ahhhh, the 70s.

    • I see your dad meeting Don Cornelius in the Delta Crown Room–and I raise you–my mom being hit on by Ric Flair while she was eating at a restaurant in Richmond, Va.. But this was probably early ’80’s. πŸ˜‰ By the way, I knew you’d know it was Rerun if no one else did.

      • All you can say to that is (Nature Boy Voice Enabled) WOOOOOOOOOO!

        Dammit, I DID know it was Rerun. I was at work when this posted, and we block youtube videos. I got home, and others had already come up with the goods. (At first, I thought one of those dudes in the beginning looked like Robert “Kool” Bell from Kool and the Gang, but then it was clearly Rerun after that). Between Mork and Rerun, it was a good decade for rainbow suspenders. (and yes, of course I had them as a kid)

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