Who Did it Best?

I had no idea when I came up with the topic for this week’s Who Did it Best? that just this past November it had been bandied about by the likes of Stephen Colbert. Clearly, I am a bit behind, but nevertheless I will forge on, because as is often said in the news business, I have the need to know.

So, without further ado:

Unlike Colbert, I will be brand specific. Hellman’s (for the West Coast folks that would be Best Foods) vs. Miracle Whip.

While you ponder your answer, feel free to watch Colbert’s take on this issue.

And because we truly are fair and balanced here on The World According Jennifer here’s Miracle Whip’s response:

So, who did it best? We’re talking taste here (though if you want to weigh in on Colbert/Miracle Whip fight, you can do that too) Hellman’s/Best Foods? Or Miracle Whip?


18 responses

  1. Between those two, I would go with Hellman’s. However, the best mayo is Duke’s.

    Related: I can’t even think about mayo in a jar now. The squeeze bottle is a tremendous evolutionary leap in sandwich making convenience.

  2. Might have to flip a coin here. For a while, I went through a Miracle Whip stage, then I went back to “real” mayo, like Hellmans. Depends a lot on my mood at the time.

    Okay, it lands tails. Miracle Whip wins.

  3. Hands down, Hellman’s. Miracle Whip doesn’t even bother to call itself Mayonnaise, but rather Salad Dressing.

    I can’t tell the difference between Hellman’s, Kraft, or Duke’s, but if you throw Miracle Whip in there I will know which one I don’t want.

    To remove doubt, I’d take mustard over Miracle Whip.

      • Duke’s is definitely a Southern Thang. I was disappointed to have to switch for a while, until Duke’s came back with the squeeze bottle. (Hellman’s was my fallback during that dark year).

        I lived with someone for a while who was a Miracle Whip fan, and I tried to get used to it. But after a few months, it just wasn’t the same, and we began to have our own condiment racks in the fridge.

      • I lived in the deep South for almost 20 years and before that, Virginia, and I have only a vague memory of Duke’s. Hellman’s was all I knew. And, for a brief moment, Kraft, but don’t tell… Oh, and I do like Miracle Whip–it’s tangy. But I also love tuna salad, which my husband insists is primarily comprised of “garbage in a can,” so maybe my taste buds can’t be trusted.

  4. For emphasis, I say again…Duke’s. It is the only mayo allowed in our house. We make the sick-face when we detect anything else when we’re out. Duke’s flavor is deep and rich and it is absolutely the best…in our very humble opinion.

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