Who Did it Best?

I was not alive when the Batman television series debuted in 1966, and only an infant when it went off the air a little over two years later. I did, however, watch many reruns of the show when I was growing up. And, I remember even as a kid having a very strong opinion about the subject of this week’s Who Did it Best?


Julie Newmar was the first Catwoman, playing the feline felon on the show from 1966-1967.

Eartha Kitt was the purrrrrrrfect replacement for Newmar who was not available for the third season of the show.

And just to make things interesting:

Michelle Pfeiffer played Catwoman in the 1992 motion picture Batman Returns.

While you think about it, I offer you this, because it made me laugh, and is kind of sorta related:

So, who do you think was the best Catwoman? Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt or Michelle Pfeiffer? Feel free to also vote for the pugs.


21 responses

  1. Julie Newmar fueled many an adolescent fantasy, and Eartha Kitt had the “purring” down pat, but I gotta go with Michelle Pfeiffer. Much better acting chops, and she did mesmerizing work with the tortured secret identity (alongside an underrated Michael Keaton). Meow. I just wish the writing had been stronger in that second Batman.

  2. Julie Newmar was cute and had a devilish sparkle in her eye, but I can’t ever think of Catwoman without hearing the exotic Eartha purrrrrr. She’s my fave.

    As for Ms. Pfeiffer… her “meow” made me “meh”.

    • I saw Eartha Kitt perform her one woman show in Atlanta many years ago, she was fantastic! She talked in between songs about her life. Wish I could remember more about what she said about playing Catwoman, I know she discussed it, just can’t remember what she said!

  3. I found your blog and although I grew up in Paris, and then the U.K., I didn’t get as much U.S. TV as others. I liked the pug’s voice. At first I thought it was a chicken sound, until they merged it with Batman. Very funny.

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