Flashback~Forget About it-Friday

Last week I wrote about the three bands I was grateful to have seen perform live before they were no more. Today: The ones that got away. For one reason or another, (death and salvation come to mind) I will never get to see these acts, at least not as they were in their heyday.

Forget About it – If I had a time machine, these are the bands I would go back to see.

The Clash formed in 1976, and were done 10 years later. By far my biggest band related regret is not getting to see them play live. If I were a band (kind of like if I were a tree) I’d want to be the Clash. Kick-ass, original, a mixture of various influences, and in your face (but in a good way). The Clash were all of that and more. Oh, and principles, they had principles! The Clash once threatened to pull out of a tour because of what they believed were inflated ticket prices. They only agreed to participate after the concert promoter made a large monetary donation to a local charity. How many other bands can you imagine doing that?! And to think, I never saw them live! Waaaaaaah!

Prince and the Revolution-note the Revolution part of this equation. I know I can still see Prince in concert, it just wouldn’t be the same. I liked Prince when he was dirty. There, I said it. As was the case with Rick James , who, as noted here, was the headliner of the first concert I attended, there was something very appealing about Prince when he was bad. Nasty, if you will. Seems like he still had a sense of humor back then, didn’t take himself quite so seriously. The show I would give my eye-teeth (think I already gave them to the orthodontist when I was 11, but you get my drift) to have seen included: Vanity 6, Morris Day and the Time, and Prince and the Revolution. Why, oh why, concert gods did I have to miss this?!

Lynyrd Skynyrd-before the plane crash. While Lynyrd Skynyrd was part of the soundtrack of my early years (I grew up in the South–duh), I have to admit that I didn’t really come to appreciate them until much later. Here’s how it happened:

My son, then four-years-old, and I were in the car one day when the Skynyrd classic Give Me Three Steps came on the radio. As soon as the song ended, my little dude asked (kind of demanded) me to, “Play it again.” I explained to my male mini me that I couldn’t play the song again, it was on the radio, not on a CD. I thought that was it, but noooooooo. For the next several days, every time we got in the car, the kid with the memory of a computer, would request that I “play” Give Me Three Steps. Not wanting to disappoint (and not wanting to hear it anymore) I purchased The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd. In no time at all, we were calling ourselves “the breeze,” wondering just what “that smell” was, and “cutting a rug down at a place called the Jug.” My son and I were obsessed. So obsessed in fact that this was his Halloween costume that year, and yes, he was four, and this was his idea!

So, yeah, I had my Lynyrd Skynyrd awakening late. In retrospect, I was probably way too young to have seen them in concert when Ronnie Van Zant was still roaming the stage. I guess that softens the blow–just a bit.

How about you? Which band(s), or individual artist(s) do you wish you had been able to see perform live?

Here’s a little something to entertain you while you think about it.


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  1. I’m mainly commenting just so I can say that your son is too cool for school. Not that I would encourage him to dropout. I’m just saying he’s way cool.

    But in keeping with your theme…I’m not much of a concert goer and I’ve seen most of the people/bands I want to see. But if there’s one I missed that I wish I could have the chance again, it’d be Stevie Ray Vaughan. Yep, no question.

    • Very good choice Bernie. And yes, I agree, my son is way cool! Though I have to admit he is no longer into Lynyryd Skynyrd. He, like his mom and dad, prefers alternative music, but, and this is big–he feels no embarrassment about his Skynyrd phase. And, he is proud to be in possession of the autographed photo they sent him way back when.

  2. so cute, your little one! and f does that too – doesn’t understand the concept of a song on the radio vs. one on CD which we can play again and again.

    the clash and prince – i’m right there with you on both of those. i saw lynyrd skynyrd at universal amphitheater years ago, they played with tesla or someone like that, in front of a giant confederate flag backdrop. i remember them being loud and a lot of fun.

    the ones that got away for me: bob marley and the police. i know the police have toured recently, but it’s not the same as back in their heyday.

    the bands i’m beyond grateful to have had a chance to see: buena vista social club (when ruben gonzalez and ibrahim ferrer played with them at humphrey’s), guns n roses, and inxs, both of those back in the late 80s. also sublime, blind melon, kyuss, rollins band, and nirvana. sheesh, what a trip to really think about that!

    • Great list Hilary! I am jealous that you got to see the Buena Vista Social Club. I was fortunate enough to travel to Havana in 2002 and while we went to the Tropicana, we didn’t really get to hear enough local music. I bet that was a great show. Wish I had seen Nirvana and INXS too.

      I am grateful to say that I did see the Police before they disbanded, but like you, took a pass on their recent tour because I was pretty sure the experience would not be the same.

  3. I’ve seen Prince a number of times in concert, but I think my last time, was truly my last time. “Clean” Prince isn’t nearly as much fun.

    I would have loved to see Prince in the 80’s.

    Blondie… I would have loved to see Blondie circa 1982. I always feel I missed something when I think of it.

  4. Led Zeppelin, back before John Bonham drank himself to death. I actually found and downloaded some pretty good footage of their 1979 Knebworth show, one of the last really good Zeppelin concerts before Bonham’s death.

    Very close second – Stevie Ray Vaughan, before his death. My all time favorite guitarist.

    Concerts I’ve been to? Only one in my lifetime. Genesis’ 1986 Invisible Touch tour, w/ Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Daryl Stuermer, and Chester Thompson. Highlight of the evening was “Home By The Sea”.

  5. Lynyrd Skynyrd in the Omni was my first concert. Awesome for more reasons than one. I fell in love with Prince’s music in 1979 when Dirty Mind came out. I was dancing to Prince at THE MAD HATTER and B and L Warehouse when you were in what 9th grade? 8-p

  6. Personally, I would like Roger Waters and David Gilmore to get their act together. I have seen “Pink Floyd” but Roger Waters was not present either time.

    The Beatles, I mean, if we are going to dream, might as well dream big! I know the majority of their music in the latter years was over produced and didn’t lend itself to live performances. Having said that, I found saw raw studio tracks of theirs that are just awesome.

    The Allman Brothers featuring Dwayne Allman. I have enjoyed many an Allman Brothers show, but sadly, Dwayne was taken from us far too young.

  7. I’ve thought about this list many times in the past…it’s revolving, of course, as most wish lists are. Bands I would have loved to have seen:

    The Allman Brothers in their original line up; I was flat broke one time and found myself in “junk” shop in Lexington, Ga. I came across a gem…an original concert poster for The AB’s playing a benefit concert for a guy named Jimmy Carter who was running for govenor. I didn’t have the money to buy it and the old hippie who ran the place wouldn’t take an IOU…

    The Who at the Omni…this was the last tour before Keith Moon died; there are the Stones, the Beatles, Zeppelin, and a lot of other British bands…and then there is The Who…no one, imo, punched you in the mouth better than they did (i ended up seeing them some years later at the Hollywood Bowl…2 days after John Entwhistle was found dead from too much blow; Daltrey and Townsend still killed it!)

    Pearl Jam circa ’91…man, it’s been 20 years since “TEN” was released…time moves in a blink.

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