Educating Jennifer

Do you remember the 1983 movie Educating Rita? I don’t either. Well, I remember the title, but am pretty sure I never saw the film. Google tells me that it was the story of a woman who later in life goes back to college in an attempt to fill in the gaps in her formal education. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the informal education I have received, and am to a large extent still receiving, courtesy of LIFE University (and for those of you in Georgia, I am not talking about the chiropractic institute). Seems like this summer, for whatever reason, I learned quite a bit and I’d like to share some of that here:

~I learned that I will be okay when my kids leave the nest. And more importantly, they will be okay too. I know this now because my daughter had a very successful, though by no means problem or stress free experience the six weeks she was away attending her pre-college program.

~I learned that no matter how much I believe I am meant to do something (and I am still fairly certain I am meant to do a specific something) if the people I’d be doing it with (or, for) aren’t the right people, it is better that I don’t do it–at least not yet.

~I learned, and unfortunately, this is not the first time I’ve learned this, but I get it on a deeper level now, that there are people who despite how nice they appear on the surface, are users.

~I learned that as tempting as it sometimes is to act out, spill the beans, or let rude and inconsiderate people know that I am not gonna take it (invoking Twisted Sister here), it is more important that I continue to stay true to who I am at my core; even if that means I can’t retaliate when I’ve been treated poorly. That’s a good lesson.

~I learned that there are a lot of really cool/fun/interesting/smart and kind people online. And some of them are just as cool/fun/interesting/smart and kind in person! Score!

~I learned that I wear my big girl pants well. I don’t like going to the doctor, but I learned this summer that I dislike the idea of not taking good care of myself even more. I learned that I can do big girl things like get a colonoscopy and then share that experience with strangers! Who knew?

~I learned that I don’t have to say, write, or Tweet, everything that comes into my mind. Damn.

~I learned that despite my best efforts to improve, in my heart, I am still a bad sport. Well, I am a bad sport on behalf of the teams I follow. When participating in sports myself, I am just swell. I learned that no matter how much I want not to hate your team, especially if I like you, I can’t. Not yet anyway. I’ll keep working on this–promise. In the meantime, you might want to unfollow me on Twitter when football season begins.

~I learned that no matter how much I try to fool myself into thinking I can eat just a few of the sour flavored Jelly Bellies, I really can’t. Not sure if I am ready to do anything with that knowledge yet, just thought I’d add it to my list.

~And finally, I learned, again not for the first time, but on a deeper level, that it is okay if I mess up. I will without a doubt write or say something stupid, wear something I have no business wearing, laugh at the wrong time (if you read my post on laughter you know that is true) or mess up in any other multitude of ways. And that’s okay. As long as I learn from it…


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    • I sure hope we (I) do! It would suck to constantly repeat the mistakes over and over again…

      I think it is a good thing that you are an AFC fan, we will have no issue until the Falcons kick the Colts’ arse in the Super Bowl. 😉 See, bad sport. I am a bad, bad sport. Working on it, really.

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