Flashback~Forget About it-Friday

I remember being surprised when at a slumber party my daughter was hosting, all of the girls proclaimed their undying love for Johnny Depp. This was at least seven years ago, so my daughter and her friends were nine and ten years old. I told them that Johnny Depp was older than I am, thinking that bit of knowledge would mortify, but no, they continued to swoon every time his name was brought up. And they were bringing it up every other word, so there was much swooning.

Thinking back now on all the crushes I had when I was a kid, the fact that my daughter and her friends were enamored with a much older man should not have been surprising. The subject(s) of my childhood infatuation were often decades older than I was too. I just didn’t know, or think about their age. When you are a kid with a crush, age is not the primary focus. Even when you are five or six and the object of your affection is twenty-six or twenty-seven…

Flashback~Forget-About it – I loved them then.

Randolph Mantooth, a.k.a. crush number one. Difference in age: 21 years.

Do you remember the television show Emergency!? I barely do. I know that paramedics were involved as was the term, “Rampart” (whatever that means). And I remember Randolph Mantooth–I most definitely remember him. I don’t know what his character’s name was, or what the character was like; I was probably only five or six when I watched Emergency!, but I do remember that I was going to marry Randolph Mantooth. And really, that’s all that matters, right?

Erik Estrada, Ponch on CHiPs, was crush number two. Difference in age: 18 years.

I was ten when CHiPs first aired and am fairly certain this crush was instantaneous. Yes, all it took was one look at Erik Estrada riding on his motorcycle, wearing his tight police uniform… and I was *gulp* hooked.

Just a good ‘ol boy, John Schneider from the Dukes of Hazzard is crush number three. Difference in age: seven years.

The last kid crush I remember having was when I was 12, that’s how old I was in 1979 when the Dukes of Hazzard debuted on CBS and John Schneider yee-hawed his way into my heart. I have to admit that I wavered a bit with this crush. From week to week my preference could, and would, change. Sometimes, I liked Luke Duke better than cousin Bo. I think the fickle nature of this infatuation was directly attributable to how many times John Schneider or Tom Wopat appeared on the Love Boat or Battle of the Network Stars. An appearance on either of these shows would almost guarantee that my affection would shift, especially if the story line on the Love Boat was good.

I know all of you had crushes too. On who? Do tell…


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  1. On Valentine’s Day last year, I did a post on my blog about my Top 10 Childhood Crushes, which you can find here: http://bit.ly/92DxPO It definitely has a geeky slant to it, but some of the usual suspects are there (Farrah!). My mom also had a serious crush on the same guy from Emergency! you did. An odd youthful memory related to that. Remember when kids had metal lunchboxes? The one for Emergency! didn’t have them fighting a fire or anything particularly action oriented – it had them helping a kid who got his head stuck between two bars in an iron fence. That always cracked me up.

    • Your mom obviously didn’t realize that Randolph Mantooth preferred younger womenchildren. 😉

      Funny about the Emergency! lunch box. Bet you never stuck your head between two bars…did you? See, it worked. The Emergency! lunch box kind of saved your life.

      Will definitely check out your post. I am sure there is a great list there!

  2. This is a good flashback category Jennifer…

    #1 is easy – Heather Thomas from “the Fall Guy”…
    #2 Susannah Hoffs from the Bangles (no guy will ever forget the “walk like an Egyptian” video
    #3 Phoebe Cates – “fast times at ridgemont high”…i cant listen to the Cars “moving in stereo” without thinking about Phoebe

  3. Not sure crush was the word for me but captivated:
    I’m going to show my age a bit.
    1. Jacyln Smith – saw her in a Disney movie before Charlie’s Angels.
    2. Diane Lane – although she was a few years younger.
    3. Heather Locklear

    HM: Phoebe Cates for obvious reasons

  4. First of all, just want to mention that Emergency! was my favorite TV show growing up.

    OK, as far as crushes? Since you mentioned Dukes of Hazzard, I’ve got to give Catherine Bach (aka Daisy Duke) a vote. Fantastic eye candy to a twelve-year-old preteen (especially those shorts!) and with brains to boot. Jessica Simpson in the remake doesn’t even count in my book.

    But probably my biggest crush? That was reserved for the original Battlestar Galactica (1978) series. One of the bridge officers (as well as Commander Adama’s daughter), named Athena (played by Maren Jensen) I was pretty sweet on. Too bad she couldn’t act worth beans, but at the time the hormones didn’t care.

    A couple more votes from the time period:
    – Jaime Sommers (Lindsay Wagner) from The Bionic Woman.
    – Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter). And even today in her advancing years, she still looks hawwt.

    • @Normaltown, You get the prize for most original crush. I like the way you think… Thanks for the comment.

      @The Real Dave, Pretty sure Lynda Carter (a.k.a.) Wonder Woman is married to a plastic surgeon. She’d probably look good now anyway, but just thought I’d put that out there. Love that you loved Emergency!!

      @Bernie, Kate Jackson was always my favorite Angel, because she was spunky. We aren’t rating spunky here though so I understand the Jaclyn Smith pick.

  5. Gotta agree on Phoebe Cates. She emerged from a pool really well.

    But yeh, I agree with TommyF on Jaclyn Smith in the #1 spot. She’ll always be my first angel.

  6. Cheryl Tiegs, why couldn’t she have been an actress? Thank you, Sports Illustrated!

    Bo Derek! Back then we had a little decoder/converter cable box that allowed for reception of Showtime and HBO. It had a key to lock it and prevent the children from seeing it. My parents were lazy and left the key in. I watched “10” every time it aired!

    Susan Dey. When LA Law aired I was thinking Partridge Family.

  7. Hmm, there’s only responses from guys! I’ll have to remedy that. My big crush of childhood/tweenhood was Harrison Ford. When I saw Star Wars, I was all about “Han Solo”. Mark Hamill was waaaay too vanilla for me. I guess I had a thing for the “bad boys” from the get go, lol!

    • Harrison Ford, as Han Solo, I must agree. I didn’t have crush on him, but I do remember thinking he was cute. And I agree completely about Mark Hamill–he was fell into the “think of him as a brother” category.

  8. My 3 favorite big crushes at the time were, #1 Jim Morrison, that guy always made me wet my pants evety time I saw him. We’re going way back here. #2, Randy Mantooth, he is still gorgeous today. Something about a fireman. And a Paramedic. It helps he’s hot. And #3, John Schneider. I don’t usually like blonds but I made an exception for him in those tight fittin jeans. Yum.

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