Who Did it Best?

The Emmys were broadcast this past Sunday. I thought Jimmy Fallon did a good job as the host, he kept the show moving and was funny at times. It did seem to me that his role was diminished though. Maybe that is the new award show trend, less focus on the host, more focus on the presenters and clips? Regardless, I enjoy the Emmys. But I don’t think they, or any of the other award shows, hold a candle to the Oscars. In a typical year, I haven’t seen all of the nominated movies, yet I still watch the Oscar broadcast each time it airs. There are two reasons for that: fashion and the host. Which brings me to this:

Who Did it Best? – Oscar hosts.

The nominees are…

Billy Crystal:

Steve Martin:


Whoopi Goldberg:

I knew right away one of the people I wanted to feature but went to this site to come up with the rest. Oddly, I have no memory of Johnny Carson hosting, something he did five time in between 1978 and 1983, but since I don’t remember, I am not going to include him. You can though. So, who is your favorite Oscar host?


11 responses

  1. Can I cheat? Personally, I’d want Crystal’s usual montage, singing a song and inserting himself into movie clips, to start the show, and then have Martin’s dry wit to carry the rest of the program.

  2. hhhmmm, I don’t know, I guess I’d have to go with Steve Martin. I don’t really remember watch the Emmy’s until I was older.

    Now I’m wondering what I as watching.

    • I don’t remember watching the Emmys until fairly recently either and I don’t think I watch every year. I never watch the Tonys. And only sometimes catch the MTV Video Awards… 😉 I do watch the Grammys though…

  3. It’s Billy Crystal for me. But that may be because I haven’t seen him in much lately and I miss him.

    I always love me some Steve Martin too, though.

    It’s just that Billy had the energy and charisma to carry the show and Steve was more of a deadpan sense of humor that dragged on as the show did.

  4. Billy Crystal stands out more than any other host I can remember.

    Although, I love me some Jimmy. But. That was just more eye candy. I didn’t really like some of the act- like the guitar in the audience then shout: DRAMA!!! (with some random actor/actress) it was funny the first time…

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