My Reverse Bucket List

In February of this year I wrote a post about the popularity of bucket lists, I even listed five things I’d like to do before I take my last breath. Today, I am going to share the stuff I am okay never doing:

1. Spending time with Chuck E. Cheese. Somehow I made it through my kids’ early years without setting foot in this entertainment emporium, I am good with that.

2. Bungee jumping. No desire whatsoever to fling my body off the side of a building, bridge, or crane. Next…

3. Eating escargot. Don’t plan on eating frog either.

4. Appearing on a reality TV show. I tweet, I blog, and I have a Facebook page, that’s about as far as I am willing to go when it comes to sharing my private life.

5. Dying my hair blonde. If you’ve seen me, you understand why.

6. Singing in public on stage. Technically, I can’t say that I never have done this, because I have–twice. I don’t think those appearances count though because I was relegated to being a backup singer which is very different from singing alone.

7. Swimming with sharks. I applaud you (not really, think you are dumb) if this activity is on your bucket list, no way it will ever be on mine.

8. Rooting for a team from the University of Florida. Even if one of my children should lose their mind and decide Florida is the college they must attend, I will never, (never, I say) cheer for that school.

9. Getting arrested. Just thought I’d throw that out there. You know, in the spirit of if I write it, it won’t happen. Can’t imagine what I’d be locked up for–but don’t intend to find out.

10. The last thing on my list is something that I have experienced before. But it is something I don’t want to ever experience again so I am putting it down here in black and white, though I know that won’t really help. I don’t want to ever again hear that someone I love, or someone you love, has been diagnosed with cancer. This is the one item on my list that is not in my control. Might be hard to believe (snicker), but I don’t like not being able to control stuff. I like to know that there is an act I can take (such as staying out of the ocean or away from bungee cords) to keep from experiencing the things I don’t want to experience, yet, when it comes to cancer, it sometimes feels like there is nothing I can do to keep it from striking. That’s not entirely true.

While there is no cure for many types of cancer, there are some things we all can do:

~Get regular physicals, including age and risk specific cancer screenings.

~Live a healthy lifestyle.

~Write to elected officials and demand that more public funds are dedicated to fighting cancer.

~Work to eliminate known carcinogens from the environment.

~Donate time and money to organizations that fund cancer research.

One of the organizations that I support is holding a big fundraiser this Friday night. 100% of the funds donated to Stand Up 2 Cancer go to collaborative cancer research. You can learn more about how to stand up to cancer here.

Now, back to being silly, what is on your reverse bucket list?


5 responses

  1. Great idea for a post. Like Jennifer B., I have done 1, 2, 3 and 6 if you count singing Karaoke at The Cat’s Meow on Bourbon Street. I am pretty sure I won’t be back to a Chuck E Cheese, I won’t bungee jump again, but I will eat more escargot. I suppose I have unintentionally swum with sharks since I have done several triathlons here in the Atlantic Ocean and I know there are sharks around. But I never got in the water thinking, “I hope there are some sharks out here today.”

    I also would like to keep my 44 year streak of not getting arrested going indefinitely. Here are a few I would add to my list:

    Never getting a mohawk.
    Never going to try crystal meth.
    Never going to become a mixed martial arts fighter – like Herschel 🙂

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Great idea for a post and great list. Yikes, I’ve only done #1. Thank you for important reminder too about Cancer prevention measures. Just this year my Mom’s best friend was diagnosed, as well as a close friends father. I’m grateful they are both responding well to their treatment plans but hearing that news is something you just can’t prepare yourself for.

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