Flashback~Forget About it-Friday

The 2010 VMAs will air live on MTV this Sunday. As noted numerous times, I grew up watching MTV and basically have the first two years of programming committed to memory. So, in the spirit of what the network once was, and how much I used to enjoyed tuning in, today I am adding to my guilty pleasures list.

Flashback~Forget About it-Guilty pleasure songs-the teen years.

Billy Squier:

No way you didn’t sing along. I know you did. And, like me, you knew all the words.

The Producers:

I feel like I just took a bath in 1984. All I need are the big bangs and dark red lipstick. Love it!

I saw this next band in concert, twice, but barely remember either show, so think I probably should feel guilty.

The Romantics:

And lest you think I only listened to new wave:

Midnight Star:

Beep! Beep! I will be singing this one all day! Soooo good!

That’s my guilty pleasure list, what’s on yours? Teen years please.


12 responses

  1. All of these songs(videos) are really lame, but who is judging.
    I did have a flashback seeing all of these videos you posted . I worked the door at someplace, I forgot the name, and the Producers played there. By the way, they were
    pretty good. The sista on the right in the midnight star video
    looks like a local I got stoned as a wall with in Athens. If I remember correctly, she moved her body the same way too.

  2. “What I like about you”, got played about as hard as Rodney King’s head. 1984’s epic song was “Unsatisfied” by the Replacement’s. I will be very unsatisfied if Georgia loses
    to the Lamecocks tomorrow.

    • Remember, these are guilty pleasure songs–from when I was a teen. Not to be confused with songs I love, songs I couldn’t live without, songs I wish I had written, etc.. Unsatisfied is a great song, though my favorite Replacements tune from Let it Be is I Will Dare. Like Androgynous and Gary’s Got a Boner quite a bit too.

      I agree with you though, I will be very unsatisfied if UGA loses tomorrow. Unsatisfied and ticked.

  3. so much fun – i love your list. mine were more of the hair metal and hip hop variety: skid row’s first album, trixter’s “give it to me good” (!!), l.a. guns, faster pussycat, and even slayer (i seriously LOVED “south of heaven” in high school. my poor mother). also: young MC’s “bust a move,” tone loc’s “wild thing” and “it takes two” by rob base and DJ e-z rock.

    oh my gosh, i need to go listen to some of these again!

  4. “You Might Think” The Cars
    “Hot For Teacher” Van Halen
    “Synchronicity II” The Police
    “Round and Round” Ratt
    “Sister Christian” Night Ranger (surprised you didn’t include this one yourself)

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