Monday Motivation

Motivation is an interesting thing. Take dogs for example, in order to get food, they will learn how to do all sorts of tricks: sit, stay, beg, roll over. And more impressive than that, they learn not only the actions, but the commands, and they learn those in English, a language not even remotely similar to barking. They learn though, because they are motivated. Food. Food. Food. They want food more than they want not to learn how to sit, stay, beg or roll over.

When it comes to human beings, motivation varies greatly. Some people are motivated by revenge. Others by the desire to do better than those who came before them. For some, vanity is the main motivator. And for quite a few, motivation is provided by the Joneses–as in the keeping up with the.

Some motivation is internal, some external. How many kids have been “motivated” to do well on a test because their parents promise of a new outfit, or XBox game? How many employees are motivated by the lure of monetary compensation–bonuses or commissions that are attached to a specific performance goal? My guess? Many.

Fear is a powerful motivator. It can also extinguish motivation.

Being money motivated is helpful, as is being socially motivated, if you work in sales.

Time is a motivator. As is the lack of it.

The desire to fit into a specific pair of jeans can be motivating. At least temporarily.

Happiness is a motivator but one I suspect has been pushed further and further down the list, the busier we all become, the worse the economy gets.

Competition can be a big source of motivation–if you are competitive by nature.

We’ve all heard the phrase he (or she) did it for love . Love, is no doubt a major motivator.

Some people are so motivated, they are considered experts on the subject. They are paid to speak about it. And they travel the world doing just that. While others have claimed the title Life Coach because of their proficiency in helping others find, or identify, mojo.

Me? I have been moved by all the above at times. Though after 17 years of primarily concentrating on being a mom, I’d have to say my children motivate me the most. I see the lives they are crafting for themselves and am reminded that I have a life too! I can, and should, explore the world, check out my options, use my gifts. Being around for them in the future motivates me to go to the doctor (even when I don’t want to), eat my veggies, move my body. I am not perfect (surprising, right?) but I want to be a better person, handle life’s ups and downs more graciously, because it is the right way to live, but also because I am a role model for my kids. So yes, I’d have to say my children are my biggest source of motivation.

How about you?


5 responses

  1. Coming from one who at times is tragically unmotivated, I have to say that it sometimes comes down to survival. If you don’t work, you don’t eat and soon won’t have a roof over your head. I’m also motivated when other people are depending on me and who may suffer if I don’t get off my lazy butt and do what I’m supposed to do.

  2. You have so many talents and gifts! I am so glad to know you. I glean a lot of insight and inspiration from you. Motivating factors for me are my kids, my desire to please others, competition, love. Basically all the things you mentioned.

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