Flashback~Forget About it-Friday

I found this while going through a stack of t-shirts that I cannot bear to part with:

This shirt belonged to my dad. He loved the 1980’s cop drama Hill Street Blues. So much so, that he actually wanted to advertise his affection. When my father died, I became caretaker of the shirt. When I see it, I smile. My dad, like yours probably, made a habit of channeling Sgt. Phil Esterhaus before my brother or I would go out for the evening. “Hey, (let’s) be careful out there!” He’d tell me before I walked out the front door to our home. Made me feel great to hear him utter those words of warning. Though I am sure at the time I might have rolled my eyes, and laughed.

Twenty some years after Hill Street Blues went off the air, that well-known line is still being quoted by parents to their children. And why shouldn’t it be? Great line, great TV show. There are lines from other defunct television shows that are equally memorable. Some were wonderfully written, and brilliantly recited, while quite a few were horrible. I thought it would be fun to revisit a few of those (both wonderful and horrible) today.

Flashback~Forget About it – Memorable, and oft-repeated, lines from television.

As is always the case with my flashback posts, I am going straight from the top of my head. And I am more than a bit mortified that this popped in first…

Flo, from the TV series Alice.

The good news? I am almost 100% sure I never said kiss my grits. Can’t say the same for this next clip.

Arnold, played by the late Gary Coleman, from the TV series Different Strokes

I know I am not the only one who asks friends and family members, “What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?” None of my friends, or family members, are named Willis, but that is beside the point.

Redd Fox, playing the wonderful Fred Sanford, from the TV series Sanford and Son

I really dated myself with that one, didn’t I? I don’t mind, this scene still makes me laugh! I loved Fred’s fake heart attacks and while I didn’t say it often, I was known on occasion to grab my heart and tell Elizabeth that I was on my way!

My final entry, is not a line, it’s more of a moment. A moment that I am *head hung in shame* guilty of reenacting. I was a huge fan of All in the Family when I was growing up. I probably watched every single episode, either as a repeat, or when it originally aired, even though some episodes were not age appropriate. As an adult I had the opportunity to meet, and work with Carroll O’Connor, which for me, was nothing short of a thrill. It might not be the kindest thing to do when someone’s story is dragging on, but thanks to Archie Bunker, done it is!

Which lines have stuck with you? Do tell…


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  1. I remember “The Cosby Show” had many memorable lines that we’d often repeat and laugh about. Can’t remember any off the top of my head! Just that it the family dynamic between the parents and kids was so relatable.

  2. here’s a few from my clouded mind…

    “Sit on it (Potsie)” – happy days

    “THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOO” – thunder cats

    “Book ’em Danno” – Hawaii Five O

    “Don’t make me angry…you wouldn’t like it if I was angry” – the Incredible Hulk


    “DYNOMITE” – Good Times

    “Up your nose with a rubber hose” – welcome back kotter

    “Hey, hey, hey!” – What’s Happening

    “NIP IT IN THE BUD” – The Andy Griffith Show…

    Good Lord, maybe my mind is not as clouded as I thought…i could keep going with this! How much TV have I watched???

  3. Sanford and Son will always be my favorite comedy show because it reminds me of my relationship with my dad. We used to watch it together live and in reruns. Occasionally, when we talk on the phone or in person he and I will quote lines and crack ourselves up.

    You big dummy!


    so many great moments. Redd Foxx was a genius.

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