It’s Been a Year, I’m Still Here

As of today, The World According to Jennifer has been around for a full year!

Thought it would be fun to reflect back on some of the things I have learned over the past 12 months:

*A lot of people search the internet using the term “Carrot Top plastic surgery.” I know this because this post receives a lot of hits.

*Tim Tebow crying after the 2009 SEC Championship Game was definitely worth writing about. His tears were the subject of  my very first post.  Whether or not athletes should cry (in public) after a loss was a topic that generated much discussion.  One commenter got a little nasty (only time that has ever happened!) but we managed to work things out.

*Being honest is liberating!  Yes, I love the Ramones and the Clash, but I admitted–in front of God and everyone–to tapping my toes to these tunes as well. And if that weren’t enough, I also openly discussed my first colonoscopytwice.

*I am not the only person who can’t stand it when people use the non-word anyways.  Saying  fixin’ to, however, is just fine.

*Too many women share my first name.  But I still like it! And apparently, most of you like your name as well.

*I learned that I have magical powers and I need to be careful how I use them.  This summer, there was no sun in San Diego.  None.  And I am to blame.

*No matter how much success some people have attained in life, they manage to remain humble and kind.  Verron Haynes, former NFL running back and all around good guy, is a shining example.

*The English are sneaky people.  I learned this at the same time that I learned my timing is not always perfect.

*I don’t, and won’t, always get what I want, but as the Stones’ noted, I often get what I need.

*Tagging blog posts is very important.  This silly entry garnered over 6,715 views in one day, and is the most viewed post on my blog. Why? Because of the way I tagged it.

*KISS should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  At least that’s what the majority of you think.

*The San Diego social media community is very welcoming. And a lot of fun to hang out with.  Especially a certain group of moms.

And most importantly, I learned:

*The best people on the planet–yes, the entire planet–read this blog.  And some of you leave comments too.  Thank you!!!

Please humor me while I issue a few first blogiversary shout-outs:

I’ve “met” a great group of UGA fans/alums via this blog and Twitter, people who I’ve never met IRL, yet I feel like I’ve known forever.  I really like you people (you know who you are) and thank you for keeping me connected to my Dawgs, Braves, Falcons and to the state of Georgia.  Mike In Valdosta, if you are reading, I am sending good thoughts/positive vibes your way.

I also want to thank my soul sisters–you know who you are–for reading the blog.  I miss you.  Love you.  And appreciate the fact that you have supported me through what has been a very up and down year. xxoo

And to my husband and kids who have put up with my “blogging” “tweeting” and “facebooking.”  I appreciate your support and understanding. I know this drives you nuts sometimes…

I have no idea if there will be a second blogiversary, but if not, I can sincerely say that this past year has been fun.  Thank you for sharing it with me.


12 responses

  1. I have not been stoned in a year. However, after I saw the white droppings in the background I decided to spark one up. Way cool , I have watched this screen for the last 3 hours . Congrats on your one year anniversary !!!!

  2. hi, Jennifer!

    happy anniversary! I’ve enjoyed your posts along the way & I applaud you for sharing your thoughts & putting it out there! keep it up!

    looking forward to reading more in future!


  3. Having too lived large chunks of my life both in metro Atlanta and SoCalifornia I enjoy coming by here and seeing what you have to share, especially the insipid music of years past that we’re ashamed to say we liked. Happy Blogiversarry!

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