Honoring the Spirit of Dr. Doolittle

There are many things that happen in life that I don’t understand, and can’t wrap my brain around. Near the top of the list, is how, and why, people do bad things to animals. In recent weeks, the local news has been filled with story after story of horrible abuse. I am not going to provide links to these articles, they make me sick to my stomach, as I am sure they would make you as well. Instead, I thought I’d focus on organizations that do a lot of good for animals.

Those of you who are regular readers of this blog, follow me on Twitter, or are friends with me on Facebook, know that I am madly in love with our Pug, Henry.

Look at that face!  How in the world did someone let that face out of their sight?  Who in their right mind could do bad things to him?!  I will never know the answer to either question.  What I do know is that the rest of Henry’s life will be filled with happiness and love.  And that is in no small part because of the wonderful staff and caring volunteers from Pug Rescue San Diego. These are people who work tirelessly to save dogs who have been mistreated, neglected and abandoned.  Many of the Pugs on the site have special needs.  Yet, due to the dedication of the folks from Pug Rescue San Diego, they often find a forever family too.

Some of you are aware that our other, equally adored, dog, Annie, has cancer.

Since October Annie has been undergoing chemotherapy. Her treatment, which requires a lot of time spent in the vet’s office and a bag full of medications, is very expensive.  We are fortunate that we are able to pay for it. Not all pet lovers are as fortunate. This is where the Humane Society steps in. According to its website, The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization—backed by 11 million Americans, or one in every 28…

The Humane Society not only offers tips on how to find affordable care for sick or injured pets, but also provides a list of veterinarians and organizations from around the country who will offer assistance.

Since they were very young, my children have wanted to help animals in need.  Most local organizations require kids to be 14 years of age before they can volunteer.  Both of my kids are now old enough to do that, but when they weren’t we found other ways for them to be involved.

When my son was eight, he had his birthday party at the San Diego Humane Society.  In lieu of presents he asked his guests to bring something from the SDHS wish list.  The kids had a great time!  They toured the very impressive facilities, visited with, and learned about, a service dog, played games, and petted rabbits (the animal my son requested make a special appearance).  Most importantly, my son left feeling like he had done something to make a difference in the life of a needy animal.

Another local organization that both of my kids have volunteered for is S.N.A.P. S.N.A.P., which stands for Spay Neuter Action Project, allows children younger than 14 to be involved.  My daughter worked at S.N.A.P.’s bunny petting zoo one Easter, and also showcased adoptable dogs by taking them for walks during a small dog adoption event. My son has also volunteered at the small dog adoption event. I love this organization, and think the service they provide, spaying and neutering services for low-income families, is crucial if we want to end the cycle of abuse against animals.

It takes a village to raise children–we all know that.  It also takes a village (albeit a smaller, animal-friendly one) to keep pets happy and healthy.

The following are beloved members of Annie and Henry’s village:

Dr. Seals and the staff from La Jolla Veterinary Hospital.  I cannot say enough about how well these dedicated and caring professionals care for our pups.  If you are in San Diego and are looking for a vet, I highly recommend this practice.

Angeli Lamb from Dog Care.  Not only does Angeli do a wonderful job keeping Annie and Henry smelling and looking good, she is also one of the kindest people I have ever met.  Last time I checked for a friend, Angeli was not accepting new clients.  She is that wonderful.  If you are looking for a mobile groomer, do yourself a favor and get on her waiting list.

Dr. Phillips and the oncology staff from Veterinary Specialty Hospital.  Annie’s cancer is currently in remission.  We’ve been told it will return.  I am grateful we have the compassionate and quite capable staff from VSH to help us through this difficult time.  They love Annie, we can tell.

And finally, I offer a tip of the hat to the folks from Muttropolis.  They are responsible for this:

Believe it or not, he really did not mind wearing this.  I swear.

Is there an animal related cause or organization that you love?  Feel free to give them a shout out below.


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  1. I take LJ Girl to classes at Helen Woodward. The last class she went to was about bunnies. They teach the kids about the animals and how to behave around them. Little details like, cats don’t like it when you touch their tails and pet them from the head to the tail. It’s surprisingly helpful actually because it teaches them social graces around animals, which in my world is important. Thanks for the links, I’ll be using them soon. We’re rescuing too.

  2. We’ve always had dogs and SD Humane society was where we took them as puppies for training class. My kids have also enjoyed ‘Animal Adventure Camp’ and chance to go behind the scenes. We have been long supporters, they do an amazing job with education and community outreach. I’m happy you found Dr. Phillips and Annie’s in remission. Henry is too cute for words in his little outfit!

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