Takin’ it to the Streets

After decades of driving, and practically a lifetime of being a pedestrian, I have decided that you can tell more about a person by the things they do when they are in a street than you can by the words they use to your face.

For example, the way someone reacts to being let into traffic speaks volumes about them. If they wave, or in some other way acknowledge the act with gratitude, I’d classify them as being good. You want to marry or go into business with people like that.

Those who look you in the eye, take the spot you’ve opened for them, and do not offer thanks? They are self-entitled. Spoiled. Rude. Or maybe they are just really distracted. Regardless, you want to avoid those people at all costs.

Another reliable personality indicator? The manner in which someone crosses the street. You will get more insight into who a person is (at their core) by watching them cross the street than you would from a swab of their DNA. Really, it’s true.

People who are cocky enough to wander into the middle of the street (with a phone or other device affixed to their ear) and expect traffic to just immediately stop?

They are jerks.

Also jerks, but not quite as bad, are the people who practically crawl across the crosswalk. Yes, we get that you have the right of way, but would it kill you to speed up the process? You know, just a bit?

Conversely, those who hustle through the crosswalk, all the while smiling and thanking drivers for stopping? Those folks are destined for a long life filled with good things.

And what about people who take up extra space in the road by riding their bikes side by side, rather than single file, the way the law requires? There is a name for them and it is: Lout.

And last, but definitely not least, individuals who scrape the paint from the rear of your car (the one you have babied since you drove it off of the showroom lot) and don’t leave a note?  They are the worst of the worst. Really, really bad people. The type of people that deserve to have chronic halitosis… and a plague on their homes.

Needed to get this off of my chest. Anything you need to vent today?


6 responses

  1. It’s self absorption. It’s knows no class nor gender.

    I’m relatively happy. I had the flu this weekend and now I have laryngitis or as my family calls it, the Gift. I made my wife and youngest girl sick, so I am officially the Gift that keeps on giving.

    One week til football.

  2. Lout’s too kind, in my opinion, but maybe that is just you showing what type of person you are (kind, forgiving). I refer to people like them by the name of Navin Johnson’s dog. I like to apply that term broadly across the spectrum of bad drivers/pedestrians, and would point out that you omitted a few:
    1) right turners. Right turns on red are great, and I like them, but it’s only great if you turn after you stop and look to see if anyone with the right of way is coming. You don’t get to just sail on through.
    2) Drivers on the phone while driving. Sometimes this is comical, like when the soccer mom is trying to parallel park her Navigator while talking on the phone. This would be a challenge for anyone without the phone, but doing it while holding a phone to your ear, and refusing to put it down? It’s too funny except when it blocks you from getting anywhere. Other times, when you are driving on a stretch of open highway and come upon a Camry going 20 mph slower than the speed limit. Sure enough, driver has a phone glued to his/her head, and while they are not all over the road – it’s a straight drive – they have clearly decided that as long as they go 40 mph they are okay, and never mind that they are impeding traffic. There’s more, but hey, it’s your blog; thanks for letting me vent. I feel better.

    • Chuck, thanks for adding to my list of infractions. I agree with everything you’ve written.

      I left off quite a bit. Didn’t even mention the drivers who speed through the crosswalk either pretending they don’t see that there is someone in it, or worse yet, they do, but don’t care. And the people who shouldn’t be driving, either because they are too young, or sadly, too old, don’t even get me started on some of the stuff they do.

  3. Just so you know, when I’m allowed to cross, I hustle and, not only wave, but throw up a peace sign. 🙂

    I’ve been reading and re-reading some old posts. You… the words you’ve said and the comments you’ve left… were woven throughout so many important days. I know we don’t see each other all the time… hardly ever it seems anymore… but I just wanted to tell you that your kindness has and does mean so much to me.

    *peace sign*

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