Who Did it Best?

I can’t remember the last time I posted something in this category… and for that reason, I am going to tweak the formula just a bit. Today, I thought it would be fun to get your thoughts on the topic of television theme songs. This is far too subjective (and broad) of a category to ask you to vote on just a couple, so I am offering the comment section as a place to share favorite(s).

Here are a some of mine:

“The Munsters Theme” was written by composer/arranger Jack Marshall. According to Wikipedia, the song originally contained lyrics but those never aired on CBS. It was nominated for a Grammy in 1965 (which makes me feel even better about this choice), but alas, did not win.

I have already admitted to having sentimental ties to this show, so probably not a huge surprise that I would select the theme song as one of my favorites. Once again (yes, my chest is puffed up with pride), I am not alone in my assessment of  theme song goodness.

Extra props to The Courtship of Eddie’s Father theme song for including the adorable father-son banter at the beginning. And also, for Bill Bixby–he was pretty awesome.

And finally, because I do feel a tiny obligation to follow the original Who Did it Best format, I have included this:


Husker Dü, in my opinion, is the victor when it comes to The Mary Tyler Moore Show’s opening track.

Okay, now it is your turn. Which TV theme songs do you think are the best?


4 responses

  1. Not sure what makes a good television theme song (musicality? popularity? clever lyrics? warm and fuzzy feeling?), but everyone can sing the Beverly Hillbillies intro, and for that matter, Gilligan’s Island. Not exactly songs, but my preference is just music: Andy Griffith’s whistled tune for example, and my all-time favorite is Bob James’ musical intro for Taxi.

    • Those are really good examples, Chuck. And you ask a really good question: what makes a TV theme song good? Maybe it’s a combination of memorable/catchy lyrics (or being able to hum along if there are no lyrics) and the ability to evoke emotion? Hill St. Blues definitely does the latter for me. And very good call on Taxi! I loved that theme song. Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment.

  2. Hawaii Five O. Definitely deserves a mention as best TV theme of the seventies.

    In the sitcom category, I was always partial to Maude.

    I can’t really call this a great theme like the others mentioned, but anybody remember Emergency? My favorite show growing up, and I can still feel that eight-year-old excitement hearing that theme whenever I dredge up old episodes on Hulu or just so happen to find a network doing reruns.

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