Who Did it Best?

I can’t remember the last time I posted something in this category… and for that reason, I am going to tweak the formula just a bit. Today, I thought it would be fun to get your thoughts on the topic of television theme songs. This is far too subjective (and broad) of a category to ask you to vote on just a couple, so I am offering the comment section as a place to share favorite(s).

Here are a some of mine:

“The Munsters Theme” was written by composer/arranger Jack Marshall. According to Wikipedia, the song originally contained lyrics but those never aired on CBS. It was nominated for a Grammy in 1965 (which makes me feel even better about this choice), but alas, did not win.

I have already admitted to having sentimental ties to this show, so probably not a huge surprise that I would select the theme song as one of my favorites. Once again (yes, my chest is puffed up with pride), I am not alone in my assessment of  theme song goodness.

Extra props to The Courtship of Eddie’s Father theme song for including the adorable father-son banter at the beginning. And also, for Bill Bixby–he was pretty awesome.

And finally, because I do feel a tiny obligation to follow the original Who Did it Best format, I have included this:


Husker Dü, in my opinion, is the victor when it comes to The Mary Tyler Moore Show’s opening track.

Okay, now it is your turn. Which TV theme songs do you think are the best?


Who Did it Best?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Who Did it Best?

I  was watching the Golden Globes last night when… inspiration struck!

Men in Drag.   Who Did it Best?

In this corner, the challengers:

Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari from the TV series Bosom Buddies.   Hanks and Scolari, you might remember, play two single guys who disguise themselves as women so they can obtain affordable housing.  Bosom Buddies ran from 1980 to 1982 on ABC and in reruns in the summer of 1984 on NBC.

And in the opposite corner, the champions:

Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in from the 1959 motion picture classic, Some Like it Hot. Curtis and Lemmon wore Spanx before wearing Spanx was cool.  Well, technically speaking, Spanx weren’t around in 1959, but you know what I mean.  They were doing drag when RuPaul was but a twinkle in his momma’s eye.

And, because it’s hard for me to resist anything associated with the earliest days of MTV, how about Milton Burle playing the lady of the house in Ratt’s video for the song Round and Round?

Who do you think did drag best?

Who Did it Best?

Apologies for being a day late with this post. The Labor Day holiday threw me off schedule. Well, not exactly true, I didn’t feel like posting yesterday, so I didn’t. You might even say, I did it my way…

Who Did it Best?

My Way:

Frank Sinatra:


Sid Vicious:

And since I am doing things my way today, I am going to state my preference: I like the Sid Vicious version best. To me this is a song about rebellion, and while I’ll usually choose the original over the cover, in this case I think Sid Vicious (horrible singing and all) nailed the spirit of the song. How about you?

Who Did it Best?

The Emmys were broadcast this past Sunday. I thought Jimmy Fallon did a good job as the host, he kept the show moving and was funny at times. It did seem to me that his role was diminished though. Maybe that is the new award show trend, less focus on the host, more focus on the presenters and clips? Regardless, I enjoy the Emmys. But I don’t think they, or any of the other award shows, hold a candle to the Oscars. In a typical year, I haven’t seen all of the nominated movies, yet I still watch the Oscar broadcast each time it airs. There are two reasons for that: fashion and the host. Which brings me to this:

Who Did it Best? – Oscar hosts.

The nominees are…

Billy Crystal:

Steve Martin:


Whoopi Goldberg:

I knew right away one of the people I wanted to feature but went to this site to come up with the rest. Oddly, I have no memory of Johnny Carson hosting, something he did five time in between 1978 and 1983, but since I don’t remember, I am not going to include him. You can though. So, who is your favorite Oscar host?

Who Did it Best?

I waxed poetic about my love of Hostess Suzi Q’s in this post. And while the Suzy Q was indeed my childhood snack cake of choice that does not mean that my eye didn’t occasionally wander. Yes, I cheated on the Q several times over. Ho Hos, Big Wheels, Twinkies… I’ve loved them all. And then, I moved to Georgia and a was introduced to Debbie, Little Debbie. Ahhhhhh… The Nutty Bar from Little Debbie. Fairly certain at least 15 pounds of the weight I gained during pregnancy was due to my passionate affair with Little Debbie’s Nutty Bar. So, with school starting for a lot of this kids this week I thought I’d ask: Who Did it Best?



Little Debbie

If packing lunch today (for yourself) and calories, fat content, possibility of heart attack, wasn’t an issue, which snack cake would you include. (Gun to your head, you have to choose one).

(Gun removed from your head). Do you pack Hostess or Little Debbie snacks in your kids’ lunch? My children have never known the pleasure of a Suzy Q., frozen, or otherwise, but that is not because I think it would be horribly wrong for them to enjoy one, it’s mainly because I feel like today there are much better options.

And, because apparently I think it is my duty to provide you with useless information that you can share at your next dinner party, here’s some Hostess history:

~Ho Hos dates back to 1967, when a San Francisco bakery began hand-producing the Swiss-filled chocolate cakes elegantly enrobed in delectable confectionary coating. *Note the use of the word “elegant” to describe the “confectionary coating.” Be sure to mention it just like that at the party.

~Suzy Q’s: The oblong sandwich of either banana-flavored or devil’s food cake with white crème filling was invented in 1961 and named after the daughter of Continental Bakeries Vice President Cliff Isaacson. *Banana-flavored? No. That’s not right. A Suzy Q purist only eats the white crème filled version. Yes, you can quote me on that.

~“Twinkies have been tantalizing taste buds and filling lunch boxes since 1930. Twinkies are the stuff of legends – President Clinton put one in a time capsule – and have achieved the status of cultural icon, with the American Society of Media Photographers recently mounting a photo exhibition featuring Twinkies. But to most people, they’re just fun to eat.” *Not much I can add to that. (source for Hostess facts)

Who Did it Best?

When I was a kid I loved the Pink Panther movies. Didn’t enjoy the cartoon series, but the movies made me laugh. And I always hummed the theme song when I played sleuth games with my friends, though I don’t think any of us really understood what the Pink Panther was.

Who Did it Best?

Inspector Clouseau:

Peter Sellers (this is one of my all time favorite movie scenes).


Steve Martin:

Apparently, Alan Arkin and Roger Moore also played the bumbling detective–I had no idea. Arkin appeared as Clouseau in the 1968 movie Inspector Clouseau and Moore, made a cameo as Clouseau (a cosmetically altered Clouseau) in 1983’s Curse of the Pink Panther. (source).

Here’s something to hum along to while you make your decision.

Who Did it Best?

I started watching tennis on TV decades before I first stepped onto a court, way before I really understood what the sport was about, or how it was meant to be played. I watched for two reasons: John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors. More specifically, to see if either one of them would lose their shit during a match.

Who Did it Best?

Arguing with the umpire.

John McEnroe


Jimmy Connors

And while you are figuring out which of those two did it best, here are a couple more for you to consider…



Andy Roddick

Now that I play tennis, and am a grown up, I have to admit I don’t find this type of behavior entertaining or amusing. But please don’t let that small detail stop you from voting…

Who Did it Best?

I’ll admit that I went into this week thinking I knew without a doubt which choice I’d make if I were voting. That was until I watched both videos. Now I am a bit stumped. Need your help for sure. So…

Who Did it Best?

Crimson and Clover.

Tommy James and the Shondells (and this is live, people!)


Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Prince also did a version, and you can judge for yourself, but I don’t think it should be in the running. Maybe if he covered it when he was still dirty Prince I’d feel differently. You can add it as a write-in vote if you disagree.

While you make up your mind, here’s some information on the song:

Crimson and Clover is a song by American rock band Tommy James and the Shondells. Written by the duo of Tommy James and drummer Peter Lucia Jr., it was intended as a change in direction of the group’s sound and composition. The song features a tremolo effect on the guitar and an ending section with a tremolo effect on the vocals.Crimson and Cloverwas released in late 1968 as a rough mix after a radio station leaked it. It spent 16 weeks on the U.S. charts, reaching number-one in the United States and other countries. The single has sold at least 5 and a half million copies, making it Tommy James and the Shondells’ best-selling song. An extended version was released on the eponymously titled Crimson and Clover, and the song has been covered by many artists such as Joan Jett. Source.

Who Did it Best?

I was not alive when the Batman television series debuted in 1966, and only an infant when it went off the air a little over two years later. I did, however, watch many reruns of the show when I was growing up. And, I remember even as a kid having a very strong opinion about the subject of this week’s Who Did it Best?


Julie Newmar was the first Catwoman, playing the feline felon on the show from 1966-1967.

Eartha Kitt was the purrrrrrrfect replacement for Newmar who was not available for the third season of the show.

And just to make things interesting:

Michelle Pfeiffer played Catwoman in the 1992 motion picture Batman Returns.

While you think about it, I offer you this, because it made me laugh, and is kind of sorta related:

So, who do you think was the best Catwoman? Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt or Michelle Pfeiffer? Feel free to also vote for the pugs.

Who Did it Best?

I had no idea when I came up with the topic for this week’s Who Did it Best? that just this past November it had been bandied about by the likes of Stephen Colbert. Clearly, I am a bit behind, but nevertheless I will forge on, because as is often said in the news business, I have the need to know.

So, without further ado:

Unlike Colbert, I will be brand specific. Hellman’s (for the West Coast folks that would be Best Foods) vs. Miracle Whip.

While you ponder your answer, feel free to watch Colbert’s take on this issue.

And because we truly are fair and balanced here on The World According Jennifer here’s Miracle Whip’s response:

So, who did it best? We’re talking taste here (though if you want to weigh in on Colbert/Miracle Whip fight, you can do that too) Hellman’s/Best Foods? Or Miracle Whip?