My Time on the Desert Island…

Last Thursday FM94.9 played my desert island discs. It was very cool to hear tracks from some of my favorite albums played over the airwaves. It was no easy task picking those albums, though. The rules stipulate that you can only take three pieces of vinyl (the FM94.9 website says CDs but if I am trapped on an island, I am going old school), so I had to choose wisely. I figured that each selection had to do something for me–emotionally, spiritually, or maybe, if it made me want to move, physically. Putting together my list was quite the mental exercise. Don’t know about you, but my brain needs all the stimulation it can get, so that aspect was definitely a plus.

Hilary, FM94.9’s midday DJ extraordinaire, picked great songs from each of my albums. I thought I’d share which cuts she chose, and why I selected the album in the first place.

The ClashLondon Calling.

Song played: Guns of Brixton.

It almost felt like cheating to pick this album. First, it contains 19 songs which by today’s standards is a lot. Second, there is enough variety in the style and sound of the songs to make it practically impossible to tire of. And third, the lyrical content is supreme. No, really, it is. The topics explored aren’t necessarily those that make you want to jump up and dance, but, if you are really listening, these lyrics will make you think. The subject matter is as relevant today as it was back in 1979, when the album was first released. I chose London Calling to keep my brain active while I am on the island.

The WaterboysThis is the Sea.

Song played: This is the Sea

If I were only allowed to bring one album, this would be it. I won’t go into too many details, but I will say that This is the Sea is full of material that fills, and feeds, my soul. And, each time I listen to it, I get to visit with my dad, which alone makes it desert island worthy. Like London Calling, there isn’t a bad track on This is the Sea. Mike Scott, in my opinion, is a musical genius. A highly underrated and under appreciated one, but a genius nonetheless.

My third choice?


Song played: Sitting Still

I could go on and on about the artistic merits of Murmur. It is after all included in RollingStone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums list, but I won’t bother getting into all of that. If I am on the island, by myself, what do I need to survive? Water (duh), but other than that, I need something to live for. Something that will keep me emotionally strong. I have to be reminded of home. Listening to R.E.M. always takes me back to Georgia. Always reminds me of people and places I love. People and places, that as corny as it might sound, are an integral part of who I am. So, heck yes, Murmur has a spot right next to the sunblock.

Which three albums are you bringing to the desert island? Or, if music isn’t your thing, what would you take?