Who Did it Best?

I waxed poetic about my love of Hostess Suzi Q’s in this post. And while the Suzy Q was indeed my childhood snack cake of choice that does not mean that my eye didn’t occasionally wander. Yes, I cheated on the Q several times over. Ho Hos, Big Wheels, Twinkies… I’ve loved them all. And then, I moved to Georgia and a was introduced to Debbie, Little Debbie. Ahhhhhh… The Nutty Bar from Little Debbie. Fairly certain at least 15 pounds of the weight I gained during pregnancy was due to my passionate affair with Little Debbie’s Nutty Bar. So, with school starting for a lot of this kids this week I thought I’d ask: Who Did it Best?



Little Debbie

If packing lunch today (for yourself) and calories, fat content, possibility of heart attack, wasn’t an issue, which snack cake would you include. (Gun to your head, you have to choose one).

(Gun removed from your head). Do you pack Hostess or Little Debbie snacks in your kids’ lunch? My children have never known the pleasure of a Suzy Q., frozen, or otherwise, but that is not because I think it would be horribly wrong for them to enjoy one, it’s mainly because I feel like today there are much better options.

And, because apparently I think it is my duty to provide you with useless information that you can share at your next dinner party, here’s some Hostess history:

~Ho Hos dates back to 1967, when a San Francisco bakery began hand-producing the Swiss-filled chocolate cakes elegantly enrobed in delectable confectionary coating. *Note the use of the word “elegant” to describe the “confectionary coating.” Be sure to mention it just like that at the party.

~Suzy Q’s: The oblong sandwich of either banana-flavored or devil’s food cake with white crème filling was invented in 1961 and named after the daughter of Continental Bakeries Vice President Cliff Isaacson. *Banana-flavored? No. That’s not right. A Suzy Q purist only eats the white crème filled version. Yes, you can quote me on that.

~“Twinkies have been tantalizing taste buds and filling lunch boxes since 1930. Twinkies are the stuff of legends – President Clinton put one in a time capsule – and have achieved the status of cultural icon, with the American Society of Media Photographers recently mounting a photo exhibition featuring Twinkies. But to most people, they’re just fun to eat.” *Not much I can add to that. (source for Hostess facts)