I have a confession to make… I really wasn’t all that into Pinterest when I first joined the site. So not into it was I, that I left my profile basically bare (not one pin did I tack) for almost nine months. During that time, I received notifications left and right about Twitter and Facebook friends who were embracing the pinning craze, but not being someone who follows just for the sake I following, I was not swayed.

And then all of that changed…but not really.

I posted a few token pins and checked the site out a bit more thoroughly. And still… nothing. No magical harp played in my head while I was there. I experienced no mighty rush of endorphins. And I did not forget to eat and bathe. I found my reaction (or should I say non-reaction) a bit perplexing. I had read article after article detailing how fast Pinterest was growing. And all of the social media experts–the really cool kids–seemed to be gushing about what an unbelievable marketing tool it was. Why was I the only person who didn’t feel the magic?

And then… it happened, for real.

I had an idea for a cause I wanted to champion and Pinterest, as it turns out, was the perfect outlet. And now I am sucked in like nobody’s business.

So… I am here not only to admit to my initial lack of interest in Pinterest, but also to humbly ask you to check out my profile. I have boards with titles like: Books That Stick, I’d Wear That!, Now I Lay My Head to Sleep and If I Owned a Radio Station. My personal favorite, though, is the one that got me hooked on Pinterest: Henry the Rescue Pug

Are you on Pinterest? And if so, what is your assessment? I’d love to hear. And I’d also love it if you would leave a link to your profile in the comment section.